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Eng. Blagoy Kozarev: Approval of standard documents in the construction sector is of paramount importance

Eng. Kozarev, representatives of the Hydro Technical Construction, Water Supply and Sewerage Networks Section held a meeting with Deputy Minister of Regional Development and…

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Iskra Mihaylova: 2017 and 2018 should be efficient for the negotiation of operational programs

Reneta Nikolova, Brussels Mrs. Mihaylova, for the third consecutive year together with the…


BCC will host a roundtable to reduce administrative burdens in the construction-investment process

A roundtable “Possibilities to reduce administrative burdens in the construction-investment process” will be…


Committee on Professional Ethics at BCC will work against negative practices in the construction sector

The first meeting of the new Committee on Professional Ethics (CPE) at the…


Varna Municipality and Regional Office of BCC – Varna held working meeting

The working meeting between the Regional Office of BCC – Varna and Varna Municipality was held. The forum was opened by the Mayor of Varna Municipality Ivan Portnih and Eng. Hristo Dimitrov, Chairman of the Regional Office of BCC – Varna and Deputy Chairman of the Board of BCC. The…


Chief Architect Zdravko Zdravkov reported a year’s work

“Since my inauguration I have been working on the strategy with which I won the Sofia Chief Architect Contest, namely the capital’s release from cars, starting from the center. In the past…

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Construction of new houses in Hitrino began

“I can see that a lot of administrative work has been done over the past two months. All this was needed to start working on the sites,” said Prime Minister Boyko Borisov,…

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The Chamber held a meeting with President Rumen Radev

The management of the Bulgarian Construction Chamber (BCC) acquainted the head of state Rumen Radev with the problems in the sector. As the most serious were the lack of staff, the criterion…

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Nikolay Nankov: Restarting projects in the road sector is one of my main priorities

Mr. Nankov, congratulations for your inauguration as Minister of Regional Development and Public Works. What are the first tasks that you will take? On some of them we are already working but…

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Europe on 9 May – in search of future direction

Europe Day, celebrated on 9 May, reminds us of the long way back from the war to peace and cooperation. Today, more than seven decades later, we celebrate freedom and the good…

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Government and businesses discussed opportunities of the Juncker Plan

The Government and businesses discussed the opportunities for Bulgaria under the European Fund for Strategic Investments (EFSI), also known as the Juncker Plan. This happened at a conference on “Results and good…

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