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„Stroitel“ Newspaper celebrated its 10-years jubilee

On 3rd April „Stroitel“ Newspaper – the official journal of the Bulgarian Construction Chamber, celebrated its tenth birth day with a cocktail at „Sofia…

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„Stroitel” Newspaper celebrated 10-years anniversary

On 3rd April „Stroitel“ Newspaper – the official edition of the Bulgarian Construction Chamber, celebrated…

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„Stroitel” newspaper celebrates 10 years

On 3rd April 2019 will be 10 years since first edition of „Stroitel“…


9 are the bidders for the construction of Lot 1 from Mezdra to Botevgrad

At the Road Infrastructure Agency (RIA) the offers have been opened of the…


EP supported an increase of over BGN 3 Billion in post-2020 budget for Bulgaria

The European Parliament (EP) supported an increase with over BGN 3 Billion for…


Contracts amounting to BGN 1,9 Billion are signed under OPIC 2014 – 2020

„Within the period from starting the implementation of the OP „Innovation and Competitiveness 2014 – 2020“ (OPIC 2014 – 2020) until 15.01.2019 the number of the signed grant contracts under the all 5 priority axes is 2022. After the amendments endorsed by the EC at the end of 2018, the…


BCC and the Chairperson of the EP REGI Committee Iskra Mihaylova organise 5th Joint Forum

For a fifth consecutive year the Bulgarian Construction Chamber (BCC) and the Chair of the Committee on Regional Development (REGI) of the European Parliament (EP) Iskra Mihaylova, in partnership with „Stroitel“ Newspaper…

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Approximately 119 km of new roads are to be built in the year 2019

During 2019 nearly 119 km of new roads will be under construction, the funding for which will be provided by the budget, by the Operational Programme „Transport and transport infrastructure 2014 –…

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In the village of Hitrino the keys to the 10 houses, donated by companies – members of BCC, were handed in

At a special ceremony held in front of the Municipality building in the village of Hitrino, the keys to the 10 houses built and donated by companies-members of the Bulgarian Construction Chamber…

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BCC and BWA brought together the experts from the Water Supply and Sewage sector per eighth consecutive year

Team of „Stroitel“ Newspaper For eighth consecutive year the Bulgarian Construction Chamber (BCC), Bulgarian Water Association (BWA) and „Stroitel“ Newspaper brought together the experts from the sector of Water Supply and Sewerage…

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On Saint Dimitar’s day BCC handed over the construction „Oscars“ for 2017

The Bulgarian Construction Chamber (BCC) handed over the awards to the best companies in the sector per year 2017. This happened at the traditional Ball on the occasion of Builder’s day –…

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BCC and “Stroitel” Newspaper have opened the Fifth exhibition

„It is a great pleasure for me to open the Fifth exhibition „See Sofia – where construction meets history with the future“, that has been organized by the Bulgarian Construction Chamber (BCC)…

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