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On Saint Dimitar’s day BCC handed over the construction „Oscars“ for 2017

The Bulgarian Construction Chamber (BCC) handed over the awards to the best companies in the sector per year 2017. This happened at the traditional…

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BCC and “Stroitel” Newspaper have opened the Fifth exhibition

„It is a great pleasure for me to open the Fifth exhibition „See Sofia –…

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WRITTEN STATEMENT of the Bulgarian Construction Chamber 16 October 2018, Sofia

LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, We address to you aiming to express our enormous anxiety…


The Eighth Discussion Forum presented the construction prospects for year 2019

Team of „Stroitel“ Newspaper „The forthcoming 2019 is a key year for the…


The 8th Discussion Forum presented the construction prospects for year 2019

The forthcoming 2019 is a key year for the 2014 – 2020 programming…


BCC organizes and supports charitable initiatives

The Bulgarian Construction Chamber (BCC) is a recognised branch organisation, that has established itself over the years as a defender of the interests of the sector, and as a sought and necessary partner of the institutions, and as a responsible factor in the public life of the country. Charitable activities…


The standardized tender documentation in “Water” sector has been approved

Minister of Finance approved by Order No ЗМФ-827 dated 4 September 2018 the standardized documents and requirements for awarding public procurement contracts for engineering (design and construction) of waste water treatment plants…

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Eng. Dimitar Manolov: Construction cannot be adventurous

Eng. Manolov, you opened together with Minister Pavlova the Forum “Effective Social Dialogue as an Instrument for Successful Integration in the European Union”, organized by the Confederation of Labour “Podkrepa”. Could you…

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The President of FIEC arrives in Sofia for the 8-th BCC Discussion Forum

The President of FIEC Kjetil Toning arrives in Sofia to give a kick-start of the Eight Discussion Forum “Construction in 2019 – Prospects and Challenges”. The event is organized by the Bulgarian…

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Eng. Hristo Dimitrov: One of the main goals of the BCC is to become recognizable as an expert organization

Eng. Dimitrov, you are part of the new leadership of the Chamber of Builders in Bulgaria (KSB), which has been extremely active throughout the past months. It held a series of meetings…

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The Bulgarian Construction Chamber and The Ministry of Foreign Affairs have discussed how the diplomacy can help the sector

Mr. Ilian Terziev, Eng. and Chairman of the Managing Board of the Bulgarian Construction Chamber, held a working meeting with the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Ekaterina Zaharieva. The…

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Five road facilities on Trakia and Hemus Motorways to be repaired

Five road facilities on the Trakia and Hemus Motorways are to be repaired. Three of them will be on Trakia Motorway and the remaining two on Hemus Motorway, one of which will…

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