Ivo Marinov: We continue to invest in cultural and historical sites of Sofia

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Mr. Marinov, how has the activity of the municipal enterprise “Tourism” been going since the beginning of the year?

In 2016 we continue work on positioning Sofia on the key markets as year-round destination for cultural-cognitive and urban tourism, offering dynamic and authentic experiences combined with business and conference, event, mountain, pilgrimage, eco- and gourmet tourism in competitive ratio quality – price. Our activity is carried out according to the powers given to us by the Mayor of Sofia Municipality under the Tourism Act. We also follow the adopted by the Advisory Council on Tourism at Sofia Municipality annual program for presenting the city as an attractive destination. It describes the basic measures with the appropriate funding.

What is Sofia unique with as a tourism product?

The capital of Bulgaria has long been not just a destination for business. This is thanks to the systematic efforts in recent years and the investment in projects to improve transport infrastructure, urban environment and to create new tourist attractions. Sofia becomes more and more accessible. It has seats with a variety of dining and entertainment places, extensive event calendar filled with events of various kinds – cultural, sporting, scientific, and especially it exposes its rich historical heritage.

The city is unique with many things. Firstly, this is its rich cultural heritage, which we can show thanks to the significant investments that were made both with funds from the Sofia municipal budget and from OP “Regional Development 2007 – 2013”. Our efforts to expose and restore the sites continue.

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