The first meeting initiated by BCC for the restoration of Hitrino was held

You bring back my faith in the goodness of people, said the mayor of the municipality Nuridin Ismail, who thanked the Chamber for the responsible actions

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“The idea of this meeting is how we can help the recovery processes in the municipality of Hitrino. The Chamber appealed to our colleagues who have pledged to build for free 11 houses. That is why we are here – to define how we can best coordinate the whole process,” said Chairman of the Board of the Bulgarian Construction Chamber (BCC) Eng. Nikolay Stankov during the first working meeting with the mayor of the municipality of Hitrino Nuridin Ismail. The event took place at the municipality of Shumen, hosted by the mayor of the district town Lyubomir Hristov. On the part of BCC were also present Deputy Chairmen Eng. Iliyan Terziev and Eng. Nikolay Nikolov, Honorary Chairman Eng. Svetoslav Glosov, Executive Director Eng. Ivan Boykov, Chairman of the Regional Office of BCC Eng. Danko Dobrev and representatives of construction companies who have expressed their willingness to help with the construction of houses in the village. The meeting was attended also by representatives of the Chamber of Architects and the Chamber of Engineers in the Investment Design.

We remind that on 10 December around 5.45 a.m. in the region of the Shumen railway station of Hitrino there was an explosion of a tanker train carrying LPG. As a result of the incident were destroyed the station building, the nearby buildings and vehicles. Damages were made also to more than 20 houses. After the incident during an extraordinary meeting of the Executive Board of the Chamber of Builders, the organization decided to participate in the recovery of the burnt village. BCC set up a donation account to raise funds to overcome the damages in the village, by putting in it the first BGN 50 thousand. On the initiative of the Chamber companies members of BCC will build eleven houses for free.

“Our first task is to appoint someone who will be coordinator on our part and will be available in the village around the clock. It is important to note that without the efforts and the support of the state and the local government in the person of Shumen municipality and Hitrino municipality this cannot happen. You have to say what people need and how the construction industry can be useful and beneficial to society,” added Eng. Stankov. He suggested the public council, which was created in Hitrino, to determine what types of houses have to be drawn by engineers and architects – not more than three types of projects.

“We should know what the needs are because there is no way to fulfill all desires,” concluded Eng. Stankov. He stressed that a van is prepared which will accommodate the expert responsible for coordination on the part of the Chamber. “It is important at first to establish work technology,” added the Chairman of BCC.

“Thank you for your presence and the responsible actions by BCC. The tragedy is great. It united the whole nation,” said in turn the mayor of Hitrino Nuridin Ismail. On behalf of the residents of the municipality and on his own behalf he expressed appreciation also for the adequate reaction of the state which he thinks has done a lot. “In addition to the eleven houses that representatives of the Chamber will build, I know about two more companies that want to remain anonymous, but will build two buildings for free,” added Ismail. He said that first should be repaired the slightly damaged buildings in the village.

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