BCC and Sofia Municipality implemented a good deed in favor of children

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The Mayor of Sofia Municipality Yordanka Fandakova, the mayor of Vazrazhdane district Savina Savova, the Chairman of the Board of the Bulgarian Construction Chamber (BCC) Eng. Nikolay Stankov, the Honorary Chairman Eng. Svetoslav Glosov and the Chairman of the Supervisory Board Valentin Nikolov visited kindergarten “Lilia” 81 in Vazrazhdane in connection with the performed construction works – overhaul and reconstruction of the roof, eastern frame of the building of the kindergarten. The financing of the activities worth BGN 111 thousand was provided by BCC. The event was attended by municipal councilors and media representatives.

“Thank you for the support of BCC. The eastern frame of the kindergarten was built in the period 1952 – 1953. The remaining part was built in 1982. The roof of the building was compromised. BCC responded and supported financially the municipality to solve the problem,” said the mayor of Vazrazhdane Savina Savova and added that a tripartite agreement was signed with the Chamber for BGN 111 thousand with VAT. In it is envisaged construction of a new 620 sq. m roof.

During the implementation, however, it turned out that there are quite a lot serious design problems concerning the floor slab. Sofia Municipality provided co-financing in order to continue the implementation of the site and a new roof to be built. Renovated with funds from Sofia Municipality are also two rooms and the entire lobby. The total amount allocated from the budget of Sofia Municipality is BGN 125 thousand.

“The reconstruction was urgent. In the structural reinforcement were used elements so as to lighten the roof and the building to be safe,” said Savova and underlined that the support the kindergarten got was extremely important and timely.

“Mrs. Savova with deserved pride spoke about the achievements and investments in education and in particular in kindergarten “Lilia” 81. This is the first public-private partnership in terms of investment in a kindergarten,” said Sofia Mayor Yordanka Fandakova. “You know that very often Bulgarian Construction Chamber and other organizations support cultural and social activities but for the first time they direct their expertise and financial efforts to a kindergarten. I want to thank Eng. Nikolat Stankov Chairman of the Board of BCC, Eng. Svetoslav Glosov who was Chairman when the Chamber decided to support the repair and all members of the industrial organization with which we work long ago and in the interest of Sofia residents,” she added.

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