Eleonora Nikolova: BCC is a good example of well-organized business

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Mrs. Nikolova, the Center for Prevention and Countering Corruption and Organized Crime (CPCCOC) came up with proposals for legislative and organizational measures relating to the prevention and countering corruption and organized crime in the context of migration pressure. Tell us what they are.

At the end of 2015 we planned the activities of the Center. We decided that corruption and especially the new forms of organized crime related to the migrant issue are a topic that deserves to be developed.

During the year we found a lot of evidence in support of our proper position to work in this direction.

A poll from September 2016 shows that 61% of Bulgarians fear the migration wave and 64% of our compatriots communicate their fear of terrorism, i.e. the issue is highly topical. We observe during the years of increased migration pressure well organized and structured activities of crime. While at the beginning migrants were welcomed by local traffickers, later on parallel in this activity was included also the international organized crime which has its representatives in Bulgaria too. And then a very serious corruption pressure was put on various officials, starting with the border police, traffic police officers, in view of the traffic of cars through Bulgaria and going to the employees who serve migrants in migration centers. So the need of a set of measures to discipline and to prevent corruption was urgent.

You have a long-term good partnership with BCC. You have already mentioned one of the topics on which you plan a meeting. What else do you plan during this year?

We have always looked at BCC as a good example of well-organized business. We talked a lot with you about good management as an antipode of corruption. If an industry branch wants to help, it should develop clear rules and standards. BCC proved in practice that it fights against the grey sector and corrupt practices. The expertise of the Chamber was particularly valuable when we worked together against the irregularities in public procurement procedures. I hope that this tradition will continue in 2017. We are already planning the next meeting with the new management of BCC. I wish our proposals supported by the Chamber to implement quickly so that we will not be a state in the line but a country to move in the fastest lane.

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