Antonio Tajani is the New President of the European Parliament

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Antonio Tajani (EPP, Italy) won the elections for President of the European Parliament with 351 votes in the final vote against Gianni Pittella (S&D, Italy), who received 282 votes on the fourth and last round. In the office of EP were put forward seven candidates MPs but Guy Verhofstadt (ALDE) withdrew before the vote. There were three rounds, in which none of the six – Antonio Tajani (EPP, Italy), Gianni Pittella (S&D, Italy), Helga Stevens (ЕCR, Belgium), Jean Lambert (“Green”, UK), Eleonora Forenza (GUE/NGL, Italy) and Laurentiu Rebega (ENF, Romania) gained an absolute majority of the valid votes.

“I will be president of all citizens of EU,” said after his inauguration Antonio Tajani. “Let me thank everyone who voted for me and also those who supported my friend Gianni Pittella,” he added and stressed that he would fulfill all his promises he had given. He thanked the outgoing president of EP Martin Schulz for the work they have done together as Tajani was his first deputy.
We recall that in September 2013 Tajani was in Bulgaria at the invitation of the Bulgarian Construction Chamber (BCC). Then the Chairman of BCC Eng. Svetoslav Glosov handed him the honorary plaque of the Chamber and a diploma for his contribution to start a new industrial revolution in EU.

In addition to president of EP, the MPs elected his 14 deputies – Mairead McGuinness, Boguslaw Liberadzki, David Sassoli, Rainer Wieland, Sylvie Guillaume, Ryszard Czarnecki, Ramon Luis Valcarcel, Evelyn Gebhardt, Pavel Telicka, Ildiko Gall-Pelcz, Ioan Mircea Pascu, Dimitrios Papadimoulis, Ulrike Lunacek and Alexander Graf Lambsdorff.

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