At the initiative of BCC was held a regional meeting of FIEC in Sofia

The Chamber gathered representatives of Central and Eastern Europe construction federations

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“A great honor for the Bulgarian Construction Chamber (BCC) is to host a meeting of the members of the European Construction Industry Federation (FIEC) of Central and Eastern Europe (CEE),” said Chairman of the Board of BCC Eng. Nikolay Stankov at the opening of the regional meeting of the federation held in the central office building of the Chamber. It was attended by the President of FIEC Jean-Louis Marchand, Vice-President Kjetil Toning, as well as representative of the construction organizations of Slovenia, Slovakia, Germany and Romania. BCC was represented by the Chairman Eng. Nikolay Stankov, Eng. Svetoslav Glosov, Honorary Chairman, Eng. Iliyan Terziev, Deputy Chairman of BCC and Chairman of the Regional Office of BCC – Sofia, Eng. Nikolay Nikolov, Deputy Chairman of BCC and Chairman of the Regional Office of BCC – Burgas, the members of the Board of BCC Eng. Lyubomir Kachamakov and Eng. Blagoy Kozarev, Valentin Nikolov, Chairman of the Supervisory Board, Executive Director of the Chamber Eng. Ivan Boykov and Eng. Gianni Antova, head of department “International Relations and Project Management”.

“The presence of the President and Vice-President of the European Construction Industry Federation shows respect for the efforts of the Chamber to organize this meeting. Our region is becoming more important in geopolitical plan and I believe that the discussions today will bring future benefits to the member countries of FIEC of Central and Eastern Europe,” said Eng. Stankov.

“This is the second official visit of President Marchand in our country,” said Chairman of BCC.

“The questions that we will put are important not only for the Chamber but for all construction organizations that are part of FIEC. We believe that our initiative for holding this forum will contribute to significant changes in the Federation. This will deepen the collaboration between the member countries and will increase its effectiveness. I think the dialogue on pressing issues for the sector should be more active,” said Eng. Stankov. “We have many common challenges with the other CEE countries. It is important to discuss them and raise them to FIEC, in order to find solutions. We insist on the creation of a group of the CEE countries to working towards solving the common problems,” Chairman of BCC was categorical.

“I congratulate BCC on the organization of this meeting. I totally agree with the opinion of Eng. Nikolay Stankov. It is important to have a group of CEE countries within our organization. The problems that exist in your country, in Bulgaria are also present in the remaining countries members of the Federation,” said President of FIEC Jean-Louis Marchand. “There should be close cooperation between the construction federations. In this way we can go to the EC with specific problems and proposals for their solution. I recommend the countries of the region to begin to pay greater attention to funding opportunities under the Juncker Plan because such initiatives are the future ways of financing,” said Marchand.

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