Construction of the tunnel for the third metro line started

Construction of the underground to Ovcha Kupel district to start within two months

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Work has begun on the tunnel boring machine “Vitosha” for construction of the tunnel in the central section of the third metro line in Sofia from station 14 Krasno Selo to station 6 at Little City Theater “Off the Channel”. Performer of the activity is the civil association DVU with leader Dogus Insaat Ve Ticaret A.S., Turkey and associates – Via Construct Group EOOD and Ultrastroy EOOD. The ceremony for starting the work of the “mole” was attended by Mayor of Sofia Municipality Yordanka Fandakova, her deputy in charge of Transport and Transport Communications Evgeni Krusev, Deputy Minister of Transport, Information Technologies and Communications Lyubomir Hadzhiiski, H.E. Detlef Lingeman, Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany, Prof. Dr. Eng. Stoyan Bratoev, Executive Director of Metropoliten EAD, Vladimir Zhitenski, Deputy Chairman of the Board of the Bulgarian Construction Chamber, Ognyan Zlatev, head of the Representation of the European Commission in Bulgaria, representatives of the contractors and others.

“The metro is not building by itself. This is a huge and difficult project and at every stage of its implementation are needed highly qualified specialists. It is important that these are experienced builders, engineers, designers and under the guidance of Metropoliten EAD there is something spectacular. I am grateful to the citizens of Sofia for their patience and understanding for the construction of the facility,” said Mayor Yordanka Fandakova and recalled that the implementation of the third line is the first approved project funded by the programming period 2014 – 2020.

“Thanks to all who are working very actively so that we can continuously progress regarding the construction of the metro. It is not only the biggest transport but also environmental project for our city. It changes the urban environment and attitude of citizens towards movement. The metro is a project recognized by the European Commission and supported by it. Thanks also to the managing authority of OP Transport and Transport Infrastructure (OPTTI),” said Fandakova.

She said the tunnel boring machine will help the project to be implemented without excavating the entire city. It is about 7 km route from MS Krasno Selo to MS Little City Theater “Off the Channel”, which is the heaviest section and passes through the central part of the capital. “The mole” should complete work at the end of 2018, so that in the second half of 2019 the third metro diameter to be built.

“All contracts with contractors for construction of the first stage of the third metro line were signed,” said Deputy Minister Lyubomir Hadzhiiski during the ceremony. He also pointed out that this is the most complicated section of the metro. “From the first programming period under OP Transport for construction of the Sofia metro were provided over BGN 1 billion and this is one of the best invested money with fast and quality results, visible for all citizens and guests of Sofia,” he said and added that for this programming period from OPTTI were provided another BGN 685 million and in 2019 the distance from Ovcha Kupel district to the city center will be covered in 10 minutes by the metro.

“Congratulations for this new beginning that will help our city become more beautiful and cleaner. It is another proof what European solidarity is. Currently it is very fashionable in the EU to speak against Europe and what it gives its citizens. But with the implementation of projects such as the metro we can understand what it helps with. I am very happy that Sofia Municipality uses in maximum good way the opportunities provided by the European programs,” said the head of the Representation of the EC in Bulgaria Ognyan Zlatev.

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