The third conference on cohesion policy will focus on private investments

BCC and Chair of CRD to the EP Iskra Mihaylova gather in Sofia top financiers and experts in PPP

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“If we want in the future in Bulgaria to have investment, if we want the construction industry to be successful, we should do so that scarce public resources are extended with private investment,” said the Chair of the Committee on Regional Development to the European Parliament Iskra Mihaylova in an interview for Stroitel Newspaper. She held a working meeting with the Chairman of the Board of BCC Eng. Nikolay Stankov and the Executive Director Eng. Ivan Boykov, to discuss the upcoming joint initiatives.

“Our conversation was very interesting because it is a real pleasure to talk to like-minded people. We discussed the upcoming conference on the future of cohesion policy, which we will organize together for the third consecutive year in Sofia. This year the forum will focus mainly on the opportunities that financial instruments provide for the industry. How to use the Fund for strategic investments, which implies also private investments, or the famous Juncker’s Plan, how to attract private capital, how to balance between the structural funds that are familiar to us and private investments, how to use as much as possible more financial instruments,” said Iskra Mihaylova.

“We try to be modern, we want to be modern. Besides, I very much hope that after this forum Bulgarian Construction Chamber will offer the European institutions its vision for the future of cohesion policy. And I would like to be the intermediary, who will provide this opinion to members of the European Commission, the European Committee of the Regions, the European Economic and Social Committee, the committees in parliament. I think this will be a wonderful end of the conference we prepare,” said the Chair of the Committee on Regional Development to the European Parliament.

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