Arch. Borislav Ignatov: The electronic copy of the projects will facilitate the investment process

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Arch. Ignatov, a few days ago was held a meeting of the General Assembly of the Chamber of Architects in Bulgaria (CAB). What did you report and what did you accept on it?

The General Assembly is the supreme body of CAB. It was very important for us to be prepared with reports and proposals for work next year and the meeting to go well. I think it was well organized. We have adopted very important decisions. This year we tried to be a radically different assembly from the previous ones. We have introduced some innovations to make work easier and to optimize the process so that much less time is spent in technical procedures but we have more to discuss. I am extremely proud of the results of the electronic voting system we have tested. It proved unconditionally.

It really shortened the time we needed. This year we held a parallel voting – paper and electronic, to compare them and see if there are any problems. For the next General Assembly we will move to electronic voting. An interesting fact is that the Supreme Judicial Council for the General Assemblies of prosecutors, judges and investigators moves to such a voting system, which proves its effectiveness and legal justification as well as reliability.

How will your partnership with the Bulgarian Construction Chamber continue?

We work operatively with the BCC. We have a very good relationship with the management, the chairman Eng. Nikolay Stankov and the honorary chairman Eng. Svetoslav Glosov.

We have implemented several initiatives. Particularly significant is the reconstruction of the village of Hitrino. We hope soon to show the results of it through the ready-made houses for the people. There CAB participates with its regional association in Shumen. The colleagues provided the projects for free to be carried out by the builders. We have to work together to improve the legislation. I hope we have a stable parliament and government so that we can work smoothly and progressively towards the realization of our ideas and goals.

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