The Chamber held a meeting with President Rumen Radev

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The management of the Bulgarian Construction Chamber (BCC) acquainted the head of state Rumen Radev with the problems in the sector. As the most serious were the lack of staff, the criterion “lowest price” in awarding public orders and the administrative burden on investors. The meeting took place in the Presidency. BCC presented to the head of state its ideas for the construction of Struma Motorway. The challenges related to the energy efficiency of buildings and the winter maintenance of roads were also discussed.

“The lack of prepared and qualified staff is a problem for every industry. The introduction of vocational education in secondary schools is a solution,” said President Radev. According to him, the criterion for the most economically advantageous tender in the award of public orders is the more precise condition. “The principle of tacit consent is among the priorities in the government’s program. We are expecting this measure, which will make it easier for entrepreneurs, to take effect,” he added. “The supervision of the quality of construction in our country is also an important topic,” said the head of state and expressed his expectation for strengthening the control over construction works.

President Rumen Radev expressed confidence for the future successful cooperation with the sector in Bulgaria.

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