Varna Municipality and Regional Office of BCC – Varna held working meeting

It presented the investment program of the Sea Capital for 2017

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The working meeting between the Regional Office of BCC – Varna and Varna Municipality was held. The forum was opened by the Mayor of Varna Municipality Ivan Portnih and Eng. Hristo Dimitrov, Chairman of the Regional Office of BCC – Varna and Deputy Chairman of the Board of BCC. The event was attended by Deputy Mayor of Varna Municipality Eng. Hristo Ivanov, Arch. Viktor Buzev, Chief Architect of the Sea Capital, Eng. Petar Garbuzov, Director of the Engineering Infrastructure and Urban Development Directorate, Eng. Tihomir Timov, Head of the Municipal Infrastructure Department, Valentin Dimov and Eng. Rosen Koleliev, members of the Board of BCC, representatives of more than 50 construction companies from the region, chairmen of the Regional Staff of the Chamber of Architects in Bulgaria and of the Regional Staff of the Chamber of Engineers in the Investment Design, municipal councilors and others.

Co-organizer and media partner of the event was Stroitel Newspaper and moderator – the editor-in-chief of the edition of the sector organization Reneta Nikolova.

During the meeting was presented the investment program of Varna Municipality for 2017. An analysis of the actual implementation of the National Program for Energy Efficiency of Multi-Family Residential Buildings was made. The agenda also included a review of the construction waste issues, as well as a presentation of the investment project for a micro-region in Vladislavovo region.

“I would like to express my satisfaction that the management of Varna Municipality accepted our invitation for this working meeting with representatives of the construction industry in the region,” said Eng. Hristo Dimitrov at the opening and added that at present the companies from Varna registered in the Central Professional Register of Builders are 421 and are full members of BCC. “Our representation at the forum sums up the whole construction industry in the region. With this I would like to note the importance of the meeting, as well as to emphasize the willingness of builders in Varna to work jointly with the municipal management. In our person, the municipality can have a fair, expert, law-abiding and cooperative partner,” he said adding that the development of construction as an economic branch depends very much on the investment intentions of the municipalities. “In recent years local administrations as beneficiaries of European funding have become the largest depositor of funds in infrastructure, public and cultural sites, repair and restoration activities,” added Eng. Dimitrov. He stressed that the Regional Office of BCC – Varna, seeks to be informed about the activities of the municipal management, in particular its investment program, and to what extent the stated intentions are being implemented. According to him, 95% of the members of the Chamber’s local structure work in the construction industry, so they have to build up in order to exist and provide their employees and workers with food. “That is why companies are very sensitive to what is really going on in the city,” he stressed and pointed out that the preparation of an investment program with declared deadlines and volumes by the municipality’s management is extremely important and largely defining the industry’s prospects. Its implementation will create opportunities for business and development. It is a priority to know what part of the planned activities is fulfilled and what the timing of the projects is. It is important to monitor and disclose the rationality of the funds spent by the municipality for construction activities. We expect the management of Varna Municipality to provide this information publicly and to have the opportunity to get acquainted with the program’s implementation regularly,” said the chairman of the Regional Office of BCC. “We believe that potential funding opportunities for projects in Varna worth over BGN 100 million per year can be used more efficiently. The Regional Office of BCC – Varna states that if necessary it is prepared to provide the municipal administration with its expertise in the field of public procurement in order to achieve transparency and results that maximally protect the public interest,” he explained.

“In our person, you can always count on an active and correct partner,” said the Mayor of Varna Municipality Ivan Portnih. He congratulated the Regional Office of BCC in the city for the initiative to hold the meeting and thanked all representatives of construction companies that took part in the forum.

“During the year we have set a number of municipal sites concerning road, educational, cultural, sports and social infrastructure. You know that we have adopted a record budget for 2017 amounting to BGN 270 million without credit instruments and without increasing taxes and fees. In comparison, for 2012 it was BGN 187 million with about BGN 10 million in loans, which clearly shows the economic development of the city,” he explained.

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