Committee on Professional Ethics at BCC will work against negative practices in the construction sector

At its first meeting the new CPE discussed the main problems in the sector and made recommendations

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The first meeting of the new Committee on Professional Ethics (CPE) at the Bulgarian Construction Chamber (BCC) was held in the central office building of the organization. Chairperson of the Committee is Eng. Roseta Marinova, member of the Managing Board of BCC, and its members are Valentin Nikolov – Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the Chamber, Eng. Nikolay Georgiev – Chairman of Regional Office – Yambol, Eng. Stefan Stoev – member of the Managing Board of BCC and of Regional Office – Blagoevgrad, Eng. Todor Andonov from the Managing Board of Regional Office – Burgas, Eng. Toshko Raichev – member of the Managing Board of the Chamber and Chairman of Regional Office – Targovishte, and Eng. Tsanka Atanasova – member of the Managing Board of BCC and of the Regional Council of Regional Office – Silistra. Official guest at the first meeting was the Chairman of the Managing Board of BCC Eng. Nikolay Stankov. The meeting was also attended by the Chairman of the Ethics Committee of Regional Office – Sofia, Egmont Yakimov, and a representative of the Supervisory Board of the organization – Eng. Atanas Koshnicharov.

“During the meeting we discussed the main problems of professional ethics in the construction sector paying attention to intercompany indebtedness, unfair competition, illegal construction and execution of a poor construction product,” said after the meeting the Chairperson of CPE Eng. Roseta Marinova. She added that all members had expressed a desire to build on the Committee’s work. “Our desire is to show all negative practices in the construction sector through a specially created section in Stroitel Newspaper. We will try to realize this goal also through the ethics committees of the regional offices. We want to be as useful as possible for the BCC members by working to minimize negative practices. Our goal is to increase confidence in the Chamber,” said after the meeting of the Committee Eng. Marinova.

“On the agenda of CPE was also a complaint filed in the Chamber on unsettled intercompany payments between construction companies from Sofia. We directed the complaint to the Regional Office in the capital and a representative of the ethics committee of Regional Office – Sofia participated in our meeting. We will monitor how the complaint develops. We will meet with both sides and will announce the results of our work on the pages of Stroitel Newspaper, she added.

From the words of Eng. Marinova it became also clear that in order to reduce intercompany indebtedness, the Committee on Professional Ethics has decided to make a proposal to the National Association of Municipalities in the Republic of Bulgaria (NAMRB), to Directorate General “Urban and Regional Development” at Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works, to the Ministry of Environment and Water and to the Ministry of Agriculture and Food for non-admission of tenders without pre-financing; not to sign and start construction contracts without secured financing; the deadline for payment of completed and accepted construction works to be not longer than ten days.

“The Committee decided to propose to MRDPW when considering and specifying the methodology for the implementation of the sanitation of residential buildings under the National Program for Energy Efficiency of Multi-Family Residential Buildings to be taken into account the pre-agreed pre-financing of contractors and the contracts to include a clause “The contracting authority undertakes in case of stopping construction not by fault of the contractor to pay the construction works done so far and the incurred costs,” the Chairperson of CPE explained.

“It is unacceptable when a decision is taken to finance contractors with upfront installments of up to 30%, in most municipalities no funds to be foreseen for this,” Eng. Marinova added.

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