Eng. Blagoy Kozarev: Approval of standard documents in the construction sector is of paramount importance

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Eng. Kozarev, representatives of the Hydro Technical Construction, Water Supply and Sewerage Networks Section held a meeting with Deputy Minister of Regional Development and Public Works Malina Krumova. What was the main topic of the conversations?

The meeting was at the invitation of the Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works. Earlier this year part of the management of the Bulgarian Construction Chamber talked with Minister Nikolay Nankov and then it was decided that it would be good to discuss the state of the water supply and sewerage sector in Bulgaria, what the challenges and prospects for the sector are. There are topics that are of paramount importance to us. The first and most pressing issue I raised before Deputy Minister Krumova was about the ministry’s views on the closure of regional pre-investment surveys for the separate territories served by water and sewerage operators, and the launch of tenders for construction and more precisely whether everything is going as planned.

What is coming by the end of the year?

In our schedule we have pledged the development of documents defining the tolerable deviations in construction works done during the warranty period in operation of the water equipment. According to the Spatial Development Act, there is a production guarantee and during that period the contracting authority may claim that one or other activity is not performed as follows according to the relevant standards.

Which deviations are allowed to claim for them and which are not? Our idea is to have a detailed development that includes all types of sewerage, water supply, pumping stations and reservoirs. I will give an example with a shaft on the street whose cover has fallen. If in the 5th year it has fallen by 1 mm, should the contracting authority claim or this deviation is tolerable? If it is only 1 mm – it makes no sense to discuss but if it is 15 cm, it is clear that the builder should fix it.

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