The first thermal aqua park in Bulgaria opened

The unique attraction Persenk will contribute to the development of Devin as an interesting and preferred tourist destination

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“We rely on cultural, historical, balneo and spa tourism because we want our country to become a destination for four seasons,” said Minister of Tourism Nikolina Angelkova at the opening of the first in Bulgaria thermal aqua park Persenk in Devin. The event was attended by the Mayor of Devin Krasimir Daskalov, the District Governor of Smolyan Nedyalko Slavov, Honorary Chairman of the Bulgarian Construction Chamber (BCC) and member of the MB of Road Infrastructure Agency Eng. Svetoslav Glosov, Eng. Stefan Chaikov, Chairman of the MB of Bulgarian Branch Chamber Roads, and others.

“We are developing a number of balneo and spa routes on the territory of Bulgaria, which will be able to combine and build on the already established eight cultural and historical destinations,” added Minister Angelkova.

“I hope that Devin will join our initiative because we are going to add all these places to the Register of tourist attractions of the country,” she said. According to her, the aqua park will undoubtedly contribute significantly to the development of Devin as an interesting and preferred tourist destination.

“It is a great honor for me to welcome all of you to the opening of the unique thermal water attraction,” said to the guests Dr. Econ. Sc. Nikolay Ivanov, investor and manager of Persenk and member of the MB of BCC. He expressed special gratitude to the Mayor of Devin Municipality Krasimir Daskalov, who has provided full administrative support for the project. “The workers and managers of the site have done a brilliant job. With their help in just six months we managed to complete this wonderful facility,” said Dr. Ivanov.

The District Governor of Smolyan Nedyalko Slavov said that the government has helped Devin to rehabilitate the mineral water supply line to Bedinski Baths, which has attracted even more tourists. He specified that the Council of Ministers had voted a few days ago funds also for other important projects of the municipality which will improve its appearance.

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