Eng. Svetoslav Glosov: The Eastern option G10.50 for Lot 3.2 of Struma Motorway is the only one which can be implemented within OPTTI 2014 – 2020

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Eng. Glosov, congratulations on the new post. After two extremely successful mandates at the head of the Bulgarian Construction Chamber (BCC) you will now apply the experience and expertise gained for the efficient operation of the Road Infrastructure Agency (RIA). Did you get used to the new position; which are the spheres you are responsible for as a member of the Management Board and where will you focus your efforts?

I have been in RIA for three months now. Until now, the Agency was known to me as an important institution for the branch and a partner of BCC. Now I am part of it and I am delighted to be working in a structure with nearly 135-year history. The activities entrusted to me are somewhat different from what I have been doing so far, but when work is interesting one is willing to do it.

The members of the Board of RIA are dealing with all spheres because they are interchangeable. The spheres entrusted to me are mainly related to the sites that are implemented with funds from the state budget. I am in charge of the district road administrations, road maintenance, the entire administration and the administrative activity of RIA, licenses of the companies for road assistance, and recently of the penal provisions made by the Agency for offenders related to the Road Traffic Act. Although not in my sphere, I participate in activities related to the projects under OP Regions in Growth 2014 – 2020 (OPRD 2014 – 2020), OP Transport and Transport Infrastructure 2014 – 2020 (OPTTI 2014 – 2020).

One of the biggest challenges during this programming period is Lot 3.2 of Struma Motorway. You know very well the case as a Chairman of BCC. Last week there was another debate in the region. What is coming and will we be able to implement the project on time?

I have been working on the project for Lot 3.2 of Struma Motorway as a Chairman of BCC. I have presided over the Expert Council which was structured at BCC. The Eastern option G10.50, which is proposed, is best suited according to scientists and experts, as well as according to many industrial, environmental and non-governmental organizations. This is also the proposal of RIA. It separates the traffic into two separate and spaced apart roadways, including the construction of short tunnels and bridges. In the direction of Greece the route passes along the existing road I-1 (Е-79), and to Sofia it is along a new terrain to the east of the Kresna Gorge. We believe that this is the most appropriate option, which is economically the most profitable and most feasible from a construction point of view. It is the only option to be implemented under the OPTTI 2014 – 2020, so that Bulgaria will have a motorway and at the same time will not lose the money that has been invested so far for the construction of the entire Struma Motorway.

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