2018 will be key year to the construction of the metro

The underground railway in Sofia is among the ten most successful projects in Europe

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“The year 2018 will be key to the construction of the metro because then some of the core activities on the third beam will be completed. It is planned at the end of the year the tunnel boring machine will reach Little City Theater “Off the Channel” and the finishing works will continue,” said the Mayor of Sofia Municipality Yordanka Fandakova. She, together with the Minister of Transport, Information Technology and Communications Ivaylo Moskovski, Deputy Mayor of Sofia Municipality for Transport and Transport Communications Evgeni Krusev and the Executive Director of Metropolitan EAD Prof.

Dr. Eng. Stoyan Bratoev checked the implementation of the third line at the station of Bulgaria Boulevard and Academician Ivan Evstatiev Geshov Boulevard. At the moment is excavated the two-way tunnel with the help of the specially produced for the Sofia metro tunnel boring machine. We remind you that the construction of the third diameter is divided into three stages, as currently the two of them are being realized. The first one is Vladimir Vazov Boulevard – Evlogi and Hristo Georgievi Boulevard – Eagels’ Bridge – the National Palace of Culture – Krasno Selo quarter, and the second one – Krasno Selo quarter – Ovcha Kupel quarter – Sofia Ring Road.” The third stage is from Vladimir Vazov Boulevard to Levsky G quarter.

“Work on the first stage started last year and the performance is already over 47%,” said Fandakova and specified that the tunnel boring machine is preparing for the next stretch, after digging more than 1.7 km from Krasno Selo to Bulgaria Boulevard and Ivan Geshov Boulevard. Currently 4 km and 4 stations from the second stage are being built. The Mayor underlined that by the end of 2019 will be completed the first 12 km of Vladimir Vazov Boulevard to the Ring Road at Gorna Banya. Fandakova reminded that the third beam was the first project approved to be funded by the European Commission with the state support from the 2014 – 2020 programming period.

“The implementation of the activities follows the plan. We think that the metro is easy to build and we just want it to be ready but it is a huge facility and a hard work. I thank the contractors and their workers who are down there every day to build,” the Mayor said adding that the first train for the line has already been produced by Siemens.

“Nearly BGN 1 billion is the total value of the two stages, including the depot and the trains. The benefit to the city is enormous. We expect after the implementation of the first two stages to save 90 thousand harmful emissions per year. This is the biggest ecological project,” said Fandakova.

“The metro is ahead of all other infrastructure projects precisely because of its good organization, planning and high professionalism of the team. I congratulate the colleagues from Sofia Municipality and Metropolitan EAD, said Minister Moskovski. “According to the EC rating, the Sofia metro is among the top 10 most successful infrastructure projects funded by the EU structural funds for EU,” he said.

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