NDK is ready for the Bulgarian Presidency of the Council of the EU

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The National Palace of Culture (NDK) is ready to receive the delegates of the Bulgarian Presidency. This became clear during a tour at the National Palace of Culture, organized for the media representatives. The journalists together with the Minister for the Bulgarian Presidency of the Council of the EU 2018 Lilyana Pavlova and the Minister of Culture Boil Banov looked through the renovated part of the building where the events of the calendar will be held and got acquainted with the regime of access and movement in the building. They walked along the route of VIP delegations – from entrance А6 to hall 3, where all official and plenary sessions, summits and ministerial councils will take place.

“The renovated hall 3 is unparalleled in Europe. I guarantee that there is no other at the moment, this is the pride of the National Palace of Culture,” said Minister Banov. He emphasized that the works of art in the whole building were completely restored and specified that finishing works related to cleaning and to the arrangement of spaces remain.

“The events in the calendar are 299, for which more than 22,000 delegates are expected to arrive in Bulgaria. The first handshake of the official guests will take place in front of the wall branded with the logo of the presidency,” said Minister Pavlova. According to her, the sessions will be mainly in halls 7, 8 and 9, with the delegates to these halls will go in entrance А4.

“The accreditation system is modern and has a close connection with the global security system installed in the National Palace of Culture,” said Lilyana Pavlova. She explained that the badges of all delegates depending on their participation in the various formats have a certain color layout and a chip that gives access to the respective hall.

The two ministers demonstrated to the media the possibilities of the fully replaced audio and video equipment and lighting in the main hall of the presidency, as well as of the simultaneous interpretation booths built according to all requirements of the Directorate General for Interpretation of the EC. Then journalists for the first time entered the International Press Center where they will work during the six-month presidency. It has a capacity of 260 seating jobs and the adjoining halls for briefings and interviews – another 120, four TV booths and eight radio booths with special equipment are also provided.

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