General assembly of BCC will be held in February

A chairman's election is in the agenda, the Board nominated Eng. Iliyan Terziev, Deputy Chairman of BCC and Chairman of the Regional Office of BCC - Sofia

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An extraordinary general meeting of BCC will be held on 22 February in Sofia. This was decided by the extended Board of Directors of the Chamber that was sitting on 31 January in Stara Zagora. On the agenda of the meeting will be release of the current chairman Eng. Nikolay Stankov and election of a new chairman of BCC. The reason is a resignation given by Eng. Stankov because of another position, incompatible with the position chairman of the branch organization. The management board unanimously nominated Eng. Iliyan Terziev for Chairman of BCC. He is deputy chairman of the Chamber and chairman of the largest regional organization – Sofia. Until the General meeting Eng. Terziev will be acting as chairman of the organization, decided the Management Board.



Another change was made at the meeting of the Management Board in Stara Zagora – the Chamber already has a new Executive Director. This is Eng. Miroslav Maznev. The current Executive Director Eng. Ivan Boykov will assume the position of adviser in the Chamber. Eng. Boykov received thanks for his contribution to the creation, development and establishment of BCC by the honorary chairmen Eng. Simeon Peshov and Eng. Svetoslav Glosov, as well as by the Management Board, which decided Eng. Boykov to be awarded the honorary sign of the Chamber.


Among the important decisions adopted by the Management Board was also the election of a representative of BCC in the Management Board of the European Construction Industry Federation – FIEC. Eng. Lyubomir Kachamakov, member of the Executive Board, the Management Board and the Board of Directors of Stroitel Newspaper EAD, will represent the Chamber in the management of the European organization.

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