Construction of a new section of Hemus Motorway to start

By 20 March will be turned the first sod of 9.3 km section Yablanitsa – Boaza road junction

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“By 20 March we start the construction of the section Yablanitsa – Boaza road junction of Hemus Motorway,” said the Minister of Regional Development and Public Works Nikolay Nankov. Contractor of the engineering of the 9.3 km section is HVP Yablanitsa DZZD, which includes Hydrostroy AD, Vodstroy 98 AD and Patstroy Burgas EOOD. Their contract is for BGN 54 990 000, excluding VAT. Construction supervision was assigned to DZZD Consultants Hemus 1 – 2016. The company comprises PS Consult EOOD, Euroconsult AD and Strol-1000 AD. The value of their contract is BGN 595 899.10, excluding VAT.

The project envisages construction of 5 agricultural underpasses, 2 agricultural overpasses and an underpass at the municipal road from Brestnitsa to the Saeva dupka cave. A stage connection will be built at km 87+600 near the village of Brestnitsa with I-4 Koritna – Belokopitovo road. The motorway section will have two lanes of 4 m for motion in one direction, two lanes of 3 m for stopping, a median dividing strip – 2 m, leading strips and banquets.

Minister Nankov added that geology and design are currently being carried out in the section of Hemus Motorway between Boaza road junction and the intersection for Lovech and Pleven from road II-35. The construction of the 52 km long track will be divided into three stages. By the middle of the year will be announced a public procurement contract to select contractors of the three sections. These are Boaza – Dermantsi road junction, Dermantsi road junction – Kalenik road junction and from Kalenik road junction to the intersection with the road Pleven – Lovech.

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