The Bulgarian Construction Chamber and The Ministry of Foreign Affairs have discussed how the diplomacy can help the sector

The Chamber and The Ministry will be collaborating in developing joint campaigns in order to address the problem related to the lack of specialists.

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Mr. Ilian Terziev, Eng. and Chairman of the Managing Board of the Bulgarian Construction Chamber, held a working meeting with the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Ekaterina Zaharieva. The meeting of The Ministry of Foreign Affairs was also attended by the Deputy Chairman of the Chamber – engineer Kalin Peshov, the executive director – engineer Miroslav Maznev and Reneta Nikolova, PR of the Bulgarian Construction Chamber, procurator and chief editor of “Vestnik Stroitel” newspaper EAD (sole owner joint-stock company).

The core of the discussions was: the possibilities to promote even more actively the Bulgarian economy and business abroad through the diplomatic representations; ways of attracting back the Bulgarians working in other countries as well as the undertaken actions by the state to facilitate the process of obtaining a residence and work permit by foreign citizens.

“Thank you for the meeting. I would like to assure you that we support your efforts in the sphere of foreign policy and international activity of the Republic of Bulgaria for the development of foreign policy dialogue and international cooperation as well as for the protection of the rights and interests of the Bulgarian state and its citizens and legal entities abroad”, said Eng. Terziev.

“Your expertise in the sphere of regional development, public works and investment project activity as a Deputy Minister, and then as a Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Regional development in two Caretaker governments, is invaluable for us, as we believe you are well aware of the problems and challenges the construction industry faces”, added Eng. Terziev.

The Chairperson of the Board of Directors of the Bulgarian Construction Chamber presented the tasks that the Chamber’s management have set in the field of legislation related to the construction and investment process and in particular, the basic law for the branch – The Spatial Planning Act and The Public Procurement Act. He highlighted the fact that the Chamber is interested in the foreign expertise and good practices in the sphere, mainly of the EU countries. “I cannot miss the ill-fated problem with the lack of personnel in the industry. We believe it is vital to support young people and motivate them to stay in Bulgaria, to implement mechanisms for encouraging the Bulgarians working abroad to return to Bulgaria and for attracting foreign workers to our country”, said Eng. Terziev.

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