Five road facilities on Trakia and Hemus Motorways to be repaired

The Chairman of the MB of RIA Eng. Svetoslav Glosov checked the progress on the activities of the Korenishki Dol viaducts and the Vitinya Tunnel

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Five road facilities on the Trakia and Hemus Motorways are to be repaired. Three of them will be on Trakia Motorway and the remaining two on Hemus Motorway, one of which will be at 37 km, and the other one will be Razliv Viaduct at 51 km. This was announced by the Chairman of the Management Board (MB) of the Road Infrastructure Agency (RIA) Eng. Svetoslav Glosov, who checked the construction works on the facility at 33 km of Vitinya Tunnel on Hemus Motorway and of the Korenishki Dol Viaduct at 36 km.

“Currently under repair are 5 of the 17 facilities on Hemus and Trakia Motorways that are in need of urgent restoration work. Three of these are on Hemus Motorway – the viaduct Potop at 19 km, Korenishki Dol, as well as at 33 km – before Vitinya Tunnel. On Trakia Motorway there are construction works on two sites – at km 20 (the highest viaduct on the motorway) and at km 37, which was compromised after the overflow of the municipal dam near Ihtiman, said Eng. Svetoslav Glosov adding that works are going on also on the unrepaired tube to Sofia of Vitinya Tunnel on Hemus Motorway. Traffic there is limited because of the construction activities on the viaduct which is just before the tunnel.

“We are repairing now so that we will not have to close after 3 – 4 years old sections of the Hemus and Trakia Motorways. There will be traffic difficulties but these construction works should be done to travel safely,” said the Chairman of the MB of RIA and reminded that the viaduct Korenishki Dol and the facility near Vitinya Tunnel on Hemus Motorway have not been renovated for more than 30 years.

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