Eng. Lyubomir Kelchev: Only united we are strong

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Eng. Kelchev, you were elected chairman of the regional Office of BCC – Pazardzhik. Please introduce yourself briefly, the company you manage and your experience as a member of BCC.

I was born in 1962 and since then I have been living and working in Pazardzhik. I graduated from the University of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Geodesy, majoring in “Water – networks and facilities”. Until 1998 I worked in Water Supply and Sewerage – Pazardzhik, most recently as chief engineer. Then I created a company specialized in marketing materials and construction of sewage systems and facilities. In our work we are always guided by several key principles – quality of the performed construction works, strict adherence to the agreed terms and decent pay for the service. Our philosophy is to be prepared and always available to the contracting authority to fulfill the most complex tasks in the field of water supply and sewerage construction.

What do you think at present are the most important priorities of BCC, where should the professional organization focus its efforts to be most useful to its members?

I think the most important priorities of BCC currently are to work against fragmentation of the members of the organization, to take immediate action for the unification of companies and to prepare a common long-term strategy to overcome the problems facing the construction industry in Bulgaria.

An important issue that we have to start working as soon as possible is the severe demographic crisis and the gaps in the education system. We need to alert all state institutions that it is high time to formulate and implement urgent policies to solve the problems with the lack of manpower and its level of education and knowledge.

What is your opinion of Stroitel Newspaper? Do you have any recommendations?

Stroitel Newspaper has established as the official organ of BCC. Through it the voice of BCC reaches the members of the Chamber, the municipal administrations, all participants in the construction process. This is of great importance to us, which brings many benefits and many responsibilities.

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