FIEC sounds alarm on delayed payments

At the meeting of the Economic and Legal Commission of FIEC without comments was approved the protocol of 12 May 2010. The meetings of the Executive Committee held in Lisbon and Brussels were also presented briefly. The Chairman of the meeting Jacques Huillard appealed to participants at the Congress in Sofia to invite more people connected with the theme, namely euro deputies, deputies of national parliaments, officials of the European Commission, etc.
Jacques Huillard presented the newly created working group “Housing construction” which most probably will remain out of the three main committees – technical, social and economic since housing construction is inter-sector.
Expert Christine Forestier made presentation on the renovated structure of the Economic Commission and on the results of the questionnaire concerning the activities of interest to the federations - members of FIEC. Interest was greatest to public procurement and transport activities. Regarding public procurement all federations share the opinion that an exchange of information is needed among different countries to be derived the best practices. The question on the Directive for fight against delayed payments was also raised and whether the federations agree FIEC to prepare a letter to be sent to all governments whose aim is to remind of the new directive approval. It was decided FIEC to send written inquiry to every federation for opinion.