Northern Speed Tangent ready 80% at the end of the year

Currently major facilities along the route are being built

The main work on the Northern Speed Tangent (NST) can be completed by the end of the year, said Minister of Regional Development and Public Works Lilyana Pavlova during the inspection of the site. She checked the progress of construction works together with the Chairman of Road Infrastructure Agency Eng. Lazar Lazarov and Sofia Mayor Yordanka Fandakova. The entire length of the route is 16.54 km. The project is Lot 70 of Operational Program “Regional Development (ОPRD) 2007 - 2013” and is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund and the national budget. The event was attended by Deputy Chairman of the Board of Bulgarian Construction Chamber Eng. Ivan Mirinski, Deputy Mayor for Transport and Transport Communications Lyubomir Hristov and representatives of the contractor companies. The track is being built by a consortium “HPVS-SST” including: “Hydrostroy” AD, “Road Construction Veliko Tarnovo” AD, “Patengineeringstroy” AD, “Patstroy Burgas” Ltd and “Vodstroy 98” AD. The value of the contract for design and construction is BGN 180 million. Construction supervision is carried out by unification “SGS Technos – SGS Bulgaria.” Their contract is for BGN 882 thousand. “For the moment as major challenges for the successful completion of the NST I can determine the outstanding procedures for expropriation of land and the completion of archaeological research,” summed up Pavlova. She underlined that to a great extent building permits have been issued but there are still some private property for which expropriation procedures were not completed. “Along the route were found 5 archaeological sites, 4 of which should be investigated. It is expected the excavations to complete until October. Archaeologists promised to work actively during the summer to not interfere with the construction,” said the minister. “650 properties were expropriated and for them were paid compensations for over BGN 17 million,” said Lilyana Pavlova. She recalled that with a decision of the Council of Ministers from December last year was put up the price at which were expropriated the properties – from BGN 0.20 to 20. “After the ruling of the Council of Ministers were signed a significant number of legal agreements. Some of them have not entered into force because of legal proceedings. According to the submitted by the court schedule, the cases should be finalized by September – October this year,” added the minister of regional development. “Some people disagreed and with the increased cost and the cases, considered by the Supreme Administrative Court (SAC), this process will continue to October. There is only one terrain that might not be expropriated by the end of the year because it turns out that there are two groups of owners who claim it. Our case in SAC is stopped, because there should be another trial to clarify ownership and only then in this section with a length of 1 km will be able to have construction works,” said Pavlova.