Over 1,250 contracts concluded under the energy efficiency program

Burgas and Blagoevgrad are the excellent cities

In the first six months of its start the National Program for Energy Efficiency of Multi-Family Residential Buildings is realized successfully, said Minister of Regional Development and Public Works Lilyana Pavlova at a press conference in the Municipality of Burgas. The event was attended by Mayor of the seaside city Dimitar Nikolov and Deputy Governor Vladimir Krumov. “Over 2,200 are the registered associations of owners and over 1,250 are the contracts in a process of implementation,” added Pavlova. She reported that in Burgas there are three buildings, on which will begin construction works by the end of September at the latest. “In the course are the audits of another 15. Their sanitation should also begin soon,” said Pavlova. The Minister said that on the territory of the municipality there are a total of 131 approved projects for which have been concluded tripartite contracts between owners’ associations, regional governor and Bulgarian Development Bank (BDB). In her words, the seaside city ranks among the first in activity under the program. She noted that from 2016 for the implementation of energy efficiency measures will be eligible smaller buildings as well. “The energy renovation of brick buildings and those of less than 36 apartments will be financed under the Operational Program “Regions in Growth 2014 – 2020”, for which will be available BGN 300 million,” said the minister. “So, irrespective of whether on the national program or on the European one, everyone will be eligible to receive funds for energy renovation,” said Pavlova. During the press conference was also announced that the Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works in cooperation with the Municipality of Burgas and Road Infrastructure Agency work on two of the most important road projects on the territory of the city. One of the projects is the Northern detour route, for which a procedure is running for expropriation of land and a plot plan is being made. “Its implementation will start in stages from next year,” the minister informed. The second important road section is the Western detour route, which is a priority for the municipality. “We will assist with anything needed to allow the project apply for funds from the Connecting Europe Facility. In this way the traffic of Trakia Motorway will not enter the city,” said Pavlova. She stressed that actively is working on the unfreezing of the project for expansion of the road Burgas –Slanchev Bryag. “We are carrying out procedures for selection of contractors for the detour routes of Pomorie and Aheloy,” added Pavlova. She praised the municipality for the excellent work and the many completed projects under Operational Program “Regional Development 2007 – 2014”. “Burgas proved to be the best beneficiary under OPRD,” said the minister. “The local administration will soon present the structure of its intermediate unit under the new “OPRD 2014 – 2020”, which will select its projects for implementation,” she said. “The minimum amount for Burgas on the first axis of the program is BGN 86 million. The municipality plans to build approaches to industrial zones in the city and zones outside the urban territory, that are already eligible for the program,” said Pavlova. In Burgas will be financed also projects for urban transport and educational infrastructure.