Constitution, elections, budget – priorities for Parliament in the new season

PMs promise also reforms in area of education and health services

Consent for strong management with common priorities, promised MPs from the ruling majority on the first working day of the autumn parliamentary session. As task number one coalition partners from GERB and the Reform Bloc (RB) outlined the adoption of amendments to the Constitution to boost the judicial reform. The remaining priorities are optimization of the health reform, national security and holding local elections on 25 October. Anti-corruption legislation and the Judiciary System Act, Preschool and School Education Act, changes in pension and labor legislation, as well as the Financial Supervision Commission Act will be the main topics for lawmakers this autumn. They were adamant that the reforms will happen regardless of the local elections which will not be an obstacle to their implementation. GERB and RB announced consensus to achieve the targets immediately after the traditional declaration of parliamentary groups stressing that talks will continue with the Patriotic Front and ABV. The opposition in the National Assembly attacked the majority that a year after the formation of the government the principles of the coalition continue to be unclear. BSP criticized also the pension reform. MRF expressed the need for a new formula of power and indicated that the movement “will be able to rely on for accurate strategic decisions.” On the agenda of the meeting was the first blitz control for which to Parliament came Prime Minister Boyko Borisov and Deputy Prime Ministers Tomislav Donchev, Meglena Kuneva and Rumyana Bachvarova.