For St. Demetrius Day BCC opened second exhibition

The exhibition is realized in cooperation with Sofia Municipality and presents 60 photos from „Stroitel“ newspaper

I am honored to open the second exhibition, organized by the Bulgarian Construction Chamber (BCC) and “Stroitel” newspaper with the support of Sofia Municipality,” said Eng. Svetoslav Glosov, Chairman of the Board of BCC, at the official presentation of the exhibition “See Sofia – where construction on traditions builds the future”. It is dedicated to the Day of the Builder – 26 October, and is composed of original works of the photographer of “Stroitel” newspaper Denis Buchel and air-shot photos with quadcopter (drone) of symbolic sights. It is located on the pedestrian bridge over Bulgaria Boulevard near the National Palace of Culture (NDK) and citizens and guests of Sofia can see it until the end of October. “The exhibition confirms the good cooperation between BCC and Sofia Municipality, for which I thank Mayor Yordanka Fandakova. Each year in the budget of Sofia is put a substantial financial resource for infrastructure projects. In times of crisis, when two European programs were suspended, Sofia Municipality succeeded to provide funds and in this way builders continue working,” said Eng. Glosov. The exhibition shows what has been built in the city – the metro, the plant for mechanical and biological waste treatment, a number of boulevards and crossroads. “The sites to be implemented in the coming years will be many more than the opportunities the exhibition has,” added the Chairman of BCC. “I thank the Chamber of Builders in Bulgaria and “Stroitel” newspaper for the long standing partnership. I want to congratulate with great respect the author of the photos Denis Buchel for what he has done,” said Sofia Mayor Yordanka Fandakova.