Yana Georgieva: Our big goal with BCC is standardization of tender documents

Mrs. Georgieva, what are the latest results of “OPE 2007 – 2013”? What is the size of payments, the rate of implementation of the program and how much are the certified costs? Under Operational Program “Environment 2007 – 2013” (“ОPE 2007 – 2013”) were concluded contracts for provision of a grant in the amount of BGN 4.124 billion, or 122.79% of the total budget of the program funds. Payments with included advances are over BGN 3.325 billion, or 99.03% of the entire resources. Currently, under all priority axes are being implemented 213 projects worth BGN 3.672 billion. Another 225 have already been implemented. The certified by the Commission costs are approximately 70% of all paid by us. This is so for the simple reason that advances in grant contracts are not certified to EC. With completion of the projects the values will be aligned so that they would bring payments. Your partnership with BCC has always been fruitful. What are your future joint initiatives? We have a large and important initiative that we have to complete. This is the preparation of standardized tender documents; standardized as far as can be, because not everything is subject to typization. But the greater part of the tender documents will be aligned. We will prepare our version and the Bulgarian Construction Chamber– theirs. And then will follow a discussion to make a set of documents that will be appropriate both for contracting authorities, builders and for us as Managing Authority.