Yordanka Fandakova: We continue with the implementation of strategic projects of Sofia

Mrs. Fandakova, we are at the end of January. What are the main tasks of Sofia Municipality in the coming months? In 2016 we continue with the implementation of strategic projects for development of the capital and priorities Sofia to become a green city. Our goal is to realize green policies through all sites and ideas that we implement in order to achieve sustainable results to improve air quality, energy saving and environmental protection. The stepwise priorities in recent years, which we also put in budget 2016, are transport, infrastructure, investments in better environment in schools and kindergartens and more investments in cleanness. We increase the funds for maintenance of spaces among the blocks and cleaning of the streets – from 2 - 3 times per year to 12 - 13 times. We have allocated BGN 5.5 million to complete the renovation of the National Palace of Culture Park, for lighting in some parts of the South and West Park and we plan to afforest 300 acres of uncultivated land. We envisage more money for extension of the municipal police staff and the system of video surveillance – these are priority tasks in the current situation internationally. We are ready to expand video surveillance in areas where citizens feel insecurity because of the establishment of immigrants. This is done in coordination with the Ministry of Interior. This year we plan expansion of video surveillance in the Military Academy Park, Borisova Gradina Park, North Park, the subways of Tsarigradsko Shose Blvd, the subway Chavdar, of playgrounds and another 43 kindergartens in Pancharevo, Vitosha, Ilinden, Lyulin, Iskar, Krasno Selo and Sredets. We continue investing in cultural and historical heritage. A new focus this year is to increase funds to support children and youth sport. Sofia was chosen as European Capital of Sport 2018 and we use this occasion to invest in infrastructure and promotion of mass physical activity. Budget 2016 is BGN 1.2 billion and the capital program is BGN 380.9 million. Own revenues are BGN 589 million, which is by BGN 7 million more than in 2015. We managed to achieve 95% performance of the revenue last year and collected BGN 36 million more. One of the key projects will be the third line of the underground. We started construction of the central section of the third metro line. These are the first 7 km with 7 stations from “Little City Theater off the Channel” to “Krasno Selo”. We carefully prepared the temporary traffic along Eagle’s Bridge, Patriarch Eftimi Blvd and Graf Ignatiev Str, The National Palace of Culture, Georgi Sofiiski Str, Bulgaria Blvd and Krasno Selo. We have prepared a precise timetable for each activity.