Another BGN 131 M for construction of composting installations

The procedure will be announced by end-2016

“In addition to the procedure already announced to build composting installations with a budget of BGN 97 million, we will announce another procedure by the end of the year – “Design and construction of composting installations for separately collected green and biodegradable waste and for design and construction of installations for pre-treatment of waste,” said Minister of Environment and Water Ivelina Vasileva during the conference entitled “Circular Economy and the Opportunities for Bulgarian Business”. At the request of “Stroitel” newspaper from the Ministry of Environment and Water explained that the procedure has an indicative budget of over BGN 131 million and beneficiaries are the municipalities.” The conference was attended by Minister of Economy Bozhidar Lukarski, MEP Eva Paunova, members of the 43rd National Assembly and business representatives. “In the section on waste management under the Operational Program “Environment 2014 – 2020” there are resources amounting to BGN 563 million. It aims to upgrade the existing systems and to achieve the targets both to the municipalities and the business,” said Vasileva. According to her, under Priority axis “Waste management” 7 procedures are provided aimed at potential beneficiaries – municipalities, businesses and NGOs. They are for construction of anaerobic or composting installations for biodegradable and green waste, for construction of reuse centers, to provide installations for pre-treatment of waste and implementation of the third phase of the integrated system for treatment of the household waste of Sofia Municipality. “Directly to businesses this year we will announce a procedure amounting to BGN 9.8 million for implementation of pilot demonstration projects in the field of waste management in order to form a zero waste society and raise public awareness of respect for hierarchy management. In 2017 is pending the announcement of another procedure worth BGN 45 million for design and construction of reuse centers,” said Ivelina Vasileva. “Over the past period were made key investments in the sectors “Water” and “Waste” and they were also related to the implementation of the basic principles concerning resource efficiency. Nearly 300 projects were implemented. We have built 50 wastewater treatment plants, laid over 2,500 km of pipelines, 18 regional systems for waste management on the territory of Bulgaria were built. We established practices, mechanisms and experience that put a very good basis for the natural continuation of the new programming period,” the minister said.