Construction of new houses in Hitrino began

BCC fulfils the commitment to support the people whose homes were destroyed in the gas tanks tragic blast

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“I can see that a lot of administrative work has been done over the past two months. All this was needed to start working on the sites,” said Prime Minister Boyko Borisov, who took part in the ceremony on the first sod of the construction of new houses in the village of Hitrino, Shumen district. The event was attended by Chairman of the Managing Board of the Bulgarian Construction Chamber (BCC) Eng. Nikolay Stankov, Deputy Chairman and Chairman of the Regional Office in Burgas Eng. Nikolay Nikolov, Honorary Chairmen Eng. Simeon Peshov and Eng. Svetoslav Glosov, Executive Director Eng. Ivan Boykov, Chairman of the Regional Office in Shumen Danko Dobrev, other members of the Chamber and representatives of the construction companies that will build the houses, the mayors of Hitrino Nuridin Ismail and of Shumen Lyubomir Hristov, the district governor of Shumen Stefan Zhelev, his deputy Shirin Veli, Arch. Borislav Ignatov – Chairman of the Board of the Chamber of Architects in Bulgaria (CAB) and other public figures. The construction of 10 of the buildings will be done free of charge by companies – members of BCC, at the initiative of the Chamber. The industry organization took on this commitment after the 10 December 2016 accident, when a freight train derailed in the vicinity of the station of the Shumen village. This led to the explosion of tanks of the composition, which took human lives, damaged the infrastructure in Hitrino and destroyed people’s homes.

“I am optimistic. Those who have victims cry but at least they see that they will get their property. If there was a way to return the victims – no price, we would have paid it,” added Borisov, who is also an honorary citizen of Hitrino. “We believe in the good, the construction and prosperity of Bulgaria,” the Prime Minister also said. Borisov noted that in order to get to the first sod a lot of work was done on many documents and projects. He particularly thanked the BCC.

“We are here to begin the commitment we took in a cold December morning,” said the Chairman of the Board of BCC Eng. Nikolay Stankov to the assembled residents of Hitrino. “Today marks the beginning of the actual construction. Here are the colleagues who promised to build free of charge and to give these houses to the victims. These are serious companies that keep their word and fulfil the promises made. I congratulate them on behalf of the Bulgarian Construction Chamber. We, from BCC, highly appreciate the gesture on their part. Through them the Chamber gives an example to the branch organizations. The affected families will get their new homes by the end of the year,” he added.

Prime Minister Boyko Borisov pointed out that a way will be found to support the small businesses which suffered losses as a result of the incident. “In practice, apart from donations, nothing else can be helped with – they were not insured, we were looking for a legal way but there is no such. However, we will give support, we will find donors. From December until now many people have tried and helped,” the Prime Minister said. He wished the builders quality and trouble-free work. Borisov thanked both the architects and those who contribute the village’s recovery to happen quickly. Prime Minister Borisov voiced hope that the mayor of Hitrino Nuridin Ismail and the Public Council have acted transparently. “I hope everything is clear to the public, to the people here – to know where and how every lev from the donations gathered from all over Bulgaria is invested. Natural disasters will not stop and when society needs to consolidate again and help the victims, wherever they are, we need to have an example of how it works,” Boyko Borisov said.

“Up to 20 days begins the construction of another 14 houses with state funds allocated for social needs,” said Hitrino mayor Nuridin Ismail. “Contracts have been signed with companies that make repairs on the roofs of affected homes, 8 roofs have been renovated, 45 more houses have been approved for reconstruction,” he added. “From now on, there will be visible changes, so far the heavy administrative work has been going on,” said Ismail.

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