Eng. Hristo Dimitrov: One of the main goals of the BCC is to become recognizable as an expert organization

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Eng. Dimitrov, you are part of the new leadership of the Chamber of Builders in Bulgaria (KSB), which has been extremely active throughout the past months. It held a series of meetings with the institutions responsible for the branch, with parliamentary parties and other organizations in order to initiate changes in the legal framework, aimed at improvement of the construction and investment process. In addition, the management held conversations locally with Regional Representations in order to get familiar with the problems of every region. As a Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Bulgarian Construction Chamber, you participated in a number of the meetings, and the one with Varna Regional Representation and the local authorities was the first at the regional level. How exactly do you rate the work done?

One of the main objectives of KSB is to become recognizable as an expert organization in order to assist in identifying and solving problems related to the construction business in our country. Recently our leadership together with the teams in the Regional Representations have endeavored in this respect in order to strengthen communication with all the institutions responsible for normative and economic changes.

The objective is to create a good investment environment in Bulgaria, which will stimulate construction. Our meetings did not focus on particular issues, as it would have led to too much discussion. We wanted to reveal the activity of the branch organization as a responsible partner of the institutions in the overall search of professional solutions. Reviewing the calendar with the meetings organized and held, I think we have succeeded.

You are the Chairperson of one of the biggest Chamber’s Regional Representations. An annual General Assembly of the structure is forthcoming. What will you be reporting regarding the past period, was it successful and what lies ahead for the Regional Representation of the Chamber of Builders in Bulgaria (KSB) – Varna?

The Regional Representation of the Chamber of Builders of Bulgaria KSB – Varna, keeps the tendency to have a stable number of its members, which makes me happy. Every year we conduct our events, which gather enormous interest, namely The Golden Plummet Competition, The Construction Exhibition – Varna, the forum “Making the profession of a builder more attractive with innovations” in Kamchia Resort. In 2018, we organized useful health and safety trainings, building materials compliance and waste management. Those meetings present colleagues with real opportunities to discuss useful practical issues. That is why I appreciate a year as a successful one. Of course, the financial report related to the past period is due to be done, and new tasks are about to be noted. However, our priority will be our active position in two directions – communication with the municipal authorities and educational institutions, offering higher or secondary technical building education.

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