Eng. Dimitar Manolov: Construction cannot be adventurous

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Eng. Manolov, you opened together with Minister Pavlova the Forum “Effective Social Dialogue as an Instrument for Successful Integration in the European Union”, organized by the Confederation of Labour “Podkrepa”. Could you tell us more about the event?

One of the biggest problems is that the countries from the Western Balkans seem to be thrown out of the European integration. It is not the most spectacular thing, yet without it, it’s even worse. It has been almost thirty years since these people are told fairytales from 1001 Nights. They are promised something, but nothing really happens. They themselves began a transition in some direction with the assumption that this direction is better. They are trying to create mechanisms in which this transition will take place. But, without a clear overall direction and vision, the process will never finish.

We, having already gone this way, know most of the dangers on it. We are aware of the mistakes we have made and we can be extremely helpful. Though it is claimed that no one learns from history, your conscience is clear that you told them, and the things they will do are their business. More or less, that was the point – trying to give them courage and hope that they are not left and that someone is interested in them. At least, we – the trade unions, have always been interested in what is happening to the West of us. Even if we take our genetic relationship with our closest neighbours, it provides enough explanations that we behave in a more special way.

In general, how do you keep your dialogue with The Bulgarian Construction Chamber going on?

The dialogue with BCC? Let me first introduce two facts. I belong to the profession and it makes me partial to it and much more open. My deputy is also very tight within the matter, he is also a direct participant in the dialogue with BCC, which we define as good, useful, and, I dare say – exemplary. Few are the sectors where our dialogue is at such a level. Probably the reasons, I have already highlighted, help, but it is not important. What matters is the result and it is really good.

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