The standardized tender documentation in “Water” sector has been approved

Starting from 10th September 2018 they become obligatory for the public procurement contracting authorities for infrastructure projects in the water sector financed under OPE, OPRD, RDP and with national funding

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Minister of Finance approved by Order No ЗМФ-827 dated 4 September 2018 the standardized documents and requirements for awarding public procurement contracts for engineering (design and construction) of waste water treatment plants (WWTPs) and water supply and sewerage networks. Starting from September 10 2018, they are binding for the contracting authorities in awarding public procurement contracts for infrastructure projects in the “Water” sector, financed by national funds or under the Operational Programme “Environment” 2014-2020, Operational Programme „Regions in growth“ 2014-2020 and the Programme “Rural Development” for the 2014-2020 period.

The entire package of documents accompanying the public procurement implementation in the water sector has been developed jointly by experts from the Ministry of Environment and Water (MOEW) and the Bulgarian Construction Chamber (BCC). „The approved standardized documents result from the constant efforts and the commitment of the Chamber’s management to improve the legal basis in the construction and investment process, for clear rules and transparency in the tendering procedures, and from the good communication with the team of MOEW and OPE. I do believe that the good example from the water sector will be multiplied in the other spheres of construction as well“, commented for the “Stroitel” newspaper the Chairman of Section „Hydro-technical construction, water supply and sewerage systems“ Eng. Blagoy Kozarev, member of the Executive Bureau and the Management Board of the BCC.

In several successive issues the „Stroitel“ newspaper will publish the standard documents and requirements. The first portion will include the public procurement package for awarding the construction of water supply and sewerage networks. We will then present to you the standardized documents and requirements for WWTP and water supply networks engineering. The final portion will cover procurement documents related to the FIDIC Construction Supervision Package.

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