BCC and “Stroitel” Newspaper have opened the Fifth exhibition

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„It is a great pleasure for me to open the Fifth exhibition „See Sofia – where construction meets history with the future“, that has been organized by the Bulgarian Construction Chamber (BCC) and „Stroitel“ Newspaper, with the support of Sofia Municipality. It is the first exhibition that I open in my capacity of Chairman of the MB of BCC. I am very proud with what we can show. It is a result of the experience, the professionalism and huge efforts and love, which we, Bulgarian constructors input in each realized project. The occasion of this exhibition is traditional and very exciting – Dimitrovden – the forthcoming Builder’s day. Besides the photos, taken by authors from „Stroitel“ Newspaper, the exhibition includes aerial photos, taken by drones, of constructed within the current year sites in the capital city, as well as photos of notable buildings, constructed during the last years by Bulgarian constructors.

” This was stated by the Chairman of the MB of BCC Eng. Iliyan Terziev, who, together with Chief Architect of Sofia Zdravko Zdravkov, has opened the fifth exhibition organized by the Bulgarian Construction Chamber (BCC) and „Stroitel“ Newspaper and dedicated to the professional day of the industry. The event was attended also by the Executive director of BCC, Miroslav Maznev, municipality councillors Stefan Markov and Mihail Vladov, representatives from „Metropoliten” EAD, members of the National club of veteran-builders, mass-media, etc. The exhibition is located at the pedestrian bridge over Bulgaria Blvd near to NDK and could be visited up to 4th November. It contains 60 panels, presenting number of renovated streets and boulevards, kindergartens and schools – beneficiaries of the Energy renovation programme, new buildings, floral mosaics, churches and other beautiful sites in Sofia.

„Regardless of the unprecedented attacks, lately the construction sector was exposed to, it is a matter of fact that large scale activities are being implemented in our town, remarkable boulevards and streets are being reconstructed, the metro system is being constructed – a project, that is given as example by all European institutions, new administrative and residential building are constructed. Thanks to the common efforts of the Mayor of SM Yordanka Fandakova and her team, to the Chief architect of Sofia Zdravko Zdravkov and to the work of the Bulgarian construction companies, our capital city is changing, it becomes modern, beautiful, attractive for business, for investments and for living”, Eng. Terziev has stated and underlined the good collaboration between BCC and Sofia Municipality, visible results of which are a number of successfully implemented projects, important for city development.

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