9 are the bidders for the construction of Lot 1 from Mezdra to Botevgrad

The indicative value of this public procurement is BGN 123 Million excluding VAT

At the Road Infrastructure Agency (RIA) the offers have been opened of the tenderers in the public procurement for determination of contractor for the technical design update and for construction of 19,3 km of the I-1 (E-79) road Mezdra – Botevgrad, Lot 1 from km. 74+800 to km. 194+122. The route is part of the Vidin – Botevgrad destination (167 km) and its construction will start with the nearly 33 kilometers long section between Mezdra and Botevgrad – one of the most complicated as a terrain sections to cross. Therefore, the construction of the Mezdra - Botevgrad section has been separated in two parts - lot 1 (19,3 km) and lot 2 (13,4 km), from km. 161+367 to km. 174+800. The goal is to complete the works in possibly shortest period of time, where for the both lots the set timeframe for implementation is 1096 days, 180 of which are intended for design and 916 – for construction works. The total indicative value of this project (Lot 1 and Lot 2) is nearly BGN 302 Million excluding VAT. The envisaged for Lot 1 amount is BGN 123 000 000 excluding VAT, and for Lot 2 the amount is BGN 178 800 000 excluding VAT. The financing is provided by the national budget. It is for the first time during the implementation of works under the public procurements for these two sections, when a new payment scheme will be introduced, which envisages the total amount of the contract to be paid off to the contractor, after the Protocol 16 for accepting the completed works (the so called “Act 16”) is issued, and after the permit for operation of the newly built road is duly issued. The goal is the future contractors to work with maximum mobilisation and to complete the construction and repair works with good quality and within the period set.