The registration into the CPRC is already fully possible by electronic means

The current topics for the sector, on which the Chamber is working, were presented to the media by the BCC's management

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On 15th April 2019 the electronical system of the Central Professional Registry of Constructors (CPRC) within the Bulgarian Construction Chamber (BCC) was upgraded and a mode of operation with Qualified Electronic Signature (QES) was introduced, that provides the possibility for the constructors, willing to register into the CPRC, or to use the offered by the Register particular services, to do it entirely electronically. The announcement was made by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Eng. Georgi Linkov, Chairman of the Committee for keeping, maintenance and use of the CPRB, during a work breakfast with the media, organised by BCC in the last working day before the Easter holidays. The event took place in the building of the branch organisation. It was attended by the Chairman of the Management Board (MB) of BCC Eng. Iliyan Terziev, Eng. Nikolay Nikolov, Deputy Chairman of the MB of BCC and Chairman of the Regional Office of BCC in Burgas, Eng. Lyubomir Kachamakov, member of the EB and MB of BCC, Chairman of the RO of BCC – Sofia and FIEC Vice President, Eng. Blagoy Kozarev, member of the EB and MB of BCC and Chairman of „Hydro-technical construction, water supply and sewerage systems“ Section, the members of the MB of BCC Veliko Zhelev, Lyubomir Peinovski, Ruen Panchev, who is Chairman of Board of Directors of „Construction qualification“ EAD, Eng. Miroslav Maznev, the Executive Director of the Chamber and Reneta Nikolova, Procurator and Editor-in-chief of „Stroitel“ Newspaper, PR of BCC.

The Chairman of the Committee for CPRC Assoc. Prof. Linkov pointed out that the newly introduced technology for filing in the register using digital signature works in parallel with the existing until now process. „The choice among the two options is free. The first registration via the upgraded electronic system of the CPRC is already a fact”, said in addition Assoc. Prof. Georgi Linkov. He outlined that as per 25th April 2019 totally 5205 construction companies are registered in the CPRC.

At the beginning of the meeting with the media Eng. Iliyan Terziev presented the up-to-date topics, on which the Chamber is working, as well as data provided by the National Statistical Institute about the trends in construction sector. „At the previous meeting with media, organised by us, we had promised to regularly inform the wide audience about our work, about the problems, as well as to provide information about our efforts to put in order the construction branch“, underlined Eng. Terziev.

„According to the preliminary data, the production in the Construction sector in 2018 was BGN 14 830 million, which marks an increase of 10,2% compared to 2017“, announced the Chairperson of MB of BCC. He informed the representatives of media about the production by segments as well, as for instance about the construction of buildings, which includes the residential and non-residential buildings, the production in 2018 amounted to BGN 8359 million, or 56,4% of the total production in the sector for this particular period. „It is important to note the fact, that the production of buildings construction increases by 11,0% compared to 2017“, Eng. Terziev said. He added that the civil engineering infrastructure production per 2018 amounted to BGN 6468 million, that represents a share of 43,6%, and the data shows that compared to 2017 there is an increase of 9,2%. Eng. Iliyan Terziev outlined that, having in mind the large infrastructure projects that are to be realised in our country, BCC expects an increase within this segment during the current year.

„In 2018 one of our main priorities was the improvement of the regulatory framework, related to the construction sector, and more specifically – the Spatial Development Act (SDA) and the Public Procurement Act (PPA), said in addition The Chairman of the MB of the Chamber. He added that in result of the made by the management of BCC many efforts, as well as due to the numerous meetings held with representatives of the responsible institutions, the partnership organisations – employers and trade unions, etc., the change in the SDA is already a fact – that concerns the amendment of the Art. 14, para 2 of the Construction Chamber Act (CCA). „The registration in the CPRC is required for all companies implementing construction works of the fifth category over 100 square meters. This is a success, even if incomplete, in the fight held by the chamber against the grey economy“, stressed Eng. Terziev and added that BCC requested this figure to be zero and that anyone who performs construction works at the territory of Bulgaria has to be entered in the Register. „This is the only way to make clear who is responsible for the particular site and in case of faults – who is to bear the liability“, he added.

In his speech Eng. Iliyan Terziev addressed also the necessity of unified labour norms in construction. „This is our priority for the coming years. Our desire is to introduce rules, which to be the base for determination of unit prices for individual segments“, stated the Chairman of the MB of BCC. He gave an example with Germany, where a methodology had been developed and it is strictly observed. „A book had been made there, where all hourly rates are fixed. Each kind of construction works in Germany is executed according to clearly determined rules and there is no way the things to happen in any different way. We are going to try to introduce similar rules in Bulgaria and this is going to be one of our main tasks during the present year“, concluded Eng. Iliyan Terziev.

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