Prof. Dr. Eng. Ivan Markov: Let’s, on 24 May, take stock of the quality and organization of the education process

Prof. Markov, we celebrate the Day of Bulgarian Education, Culture and Slavonic Literature. What would be your wish for our readers on this sacred national holiday? On May 24, I want to congratulate all the professionals, working in the area of education, culture and arts, and especially - the teachers, and wish them health and strength in practicing the difficult and responsible profession they have chosen. The Day of Bulgarian Education, Culture and the Slavonic Alphabet is an extremely important event to me and to the University of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Geodesy (UACEG), which fills us with pride. What should we think about on 24th May? Admittedly, on this day, we need to think about education, about schooling. Learning is a path that starts not from the university, but from the kindergarten. All of us, along this chain, have to take a look at the quality and organization of the educational process, the content of curricula - what our children are learning, and - including here the university students, who also are our children. It is important to pay attention to the discipline not only in the secondary schools but also in the institutions of higher education. In this respect, we have significant lapses that now we can simply define as weaknesses, but after decades they will negatively impact the management of the state economy, within the entire economic, cultural and social life. On 3rd April 2019, „Stroitel“ Newspaper, the edition of the Bulgarian Construction Chamber (BCC), turned 10 years. The media celebrated this anniversary with a party together with its partners and friends. You were among our guests. How will you remember the jubilee of the newspaper? First of all - with the fact, that for three and a half years, since I have been a rector of the University of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Geodesy, the relationships between BCC and UACG have changed significantly. In some aspects, our relationships had been interrupted, but afterwards they were not just resumed and improved, but became very strong. All this also affected our cooperation with „Stroitel“ Newspaper, and it shifted to the next, higher level. At the media celebration, I received a diploma addressed to me and to the UACEG's team of lecturers, for the good partnership and successful joint initiatives, and I express our most sincere gratitude for it. How can the collaboration between „Stroitel“ Newspaper and UACG be further developed? The main part of our work is focused on the education of future engineers and architects, people who after completing our university, will join the construction companies, will join the ranks of BCC. Any activity of UACG related to this process, and not only, receives extensive coverage on the pages of the „Stroitel“ Newspaper thanks to our close and fruitful contacts with the media team. Any single time when we either have invited the edition to an event, or have asked it to inform its readers about a specific UACG initiative, or any other assistance intended to promote our work, „Stroitel“ Nnewspaper did always respond with the greatest of pleasure.