The Regional Offices in Northwestern Bulgaria require strengthening of BCC’s control functions

The series of meetings of the management of Chamber with the local structures go on

The management of the Bulgarian Construction Chamber (BCC) held a meeting with the Regional offices (RO) of organisation in the NorthwesternBulgaria in the town of Pleven. It was the third meeting in a series of discussions that the Chamber’s management is holding with the local structures of BCC, to debate the problems that builders in particular regions face, the priorities of the Chamber, as well as theorganisation’s governing bodies elections, that are foreseen to take place at the end of the year. The first two meetings were held with the RO from the Northeast and the Southwest regions, where host were respectively the RO – Varna and the RO – Pernik. The symbolic host of the event held in Pleven wasEng. Rozeta Marinova, member of the EB and the MB of BCC, Chair of the Professional Ethics Committee within BCC and member of the Regional Council of the RO of BCC – Pleven. Participants at the meeting were also Eng.Iliyan Terziev, Chairman of the MB of BCC, Eng. Nikolay Nikolov, Deputy Chairman of the MB of BCC and Chairperson of the OR of BCC – Burgas, Eng. Hristo Dimitrov, Deputy Chairman of the MB of BCC and Chairperson of the RO of BCC – Varna, Eng. Blagoy Kozarev, member of the EB and MB of BCC, the Executive Director of Chamber – Eng. Miroslav Maznev, Milen Iliev, Chairperson of the RO of BCC – Pleven, Eng. Rosen Dudushki, Chairperson of the RO of BCC – Vratsa, Eng. Danka Kirilova, Chairperson of the RO of BCC – Montana, members of the Regional Councils of ROs in the Northwestern Bulgaria, as well as Dimitar Koparov, Director of the Organisational Policy Department in BCC, and Reneta Nikolova, Procurator and Editor-in-Chief of „Stroitel” Newspaper. Eng. Rozeta Marinovaopened the meeting and stated that the purpose of these discussions is to keep the local builders informed about the activities of the Chamber’s managing bodies. „BCC is having elections this year and the idea is to give directions for the current and future work of the BCC. We can offer changes in the organization's activities”, she added and gave the floor to Eng. Iliyan Terziev. His recommendation was the local structures to begin to consider at regional level nominations for the Regional Councils, the Management Board and other governing bodies of the organization, which to be nominated during the forthcoming yearly meetings. Eng. Terziev said that since for the most of the board members and regional chairpersons this isthe second term in office they can not be elected again, there is a concept how they can continue to be useful to the organization with the accumulated by them experience. The management is considering establishment of a foundation, that to be used by the Chamber to be able to apply under the European programs andthus to provide a possibility for those willing to engage in its activities, to work on projects for the benefit of the sector. The Chairman of the MB of BCC informed the participants about the topical activities of BCC and about the priorities for the management. He also presented information about the meeting held with the Deputy Prime Minister Tomislav Donchev. Eng. Terziev pointed out that one of the main goals of the Chamber is the introduction of unified labor standards in the sector. He recalled data according to which our country is the last one across the EU in respect to the hourly pay for workers - 3,70 Euro. Eng. Terziev explained the Chamber is considering to assign to experts the elaboration of a methodology for construction process pricing. Another topic as became clear from the words of the Chairman of the MB was that BCC will insist also on introduction of an opportunity to change the estimated values set in the public procurement contracts when there is change in the prices of basic materials.