596 contracts amounting to BGN 2,6 Billion were signed under OPRG 2014 – 2020

172 projects have been implemented under the Programme, the amount of funds paid to beneficiaries is BGN 1,422 Billion

As of 22 August, 16 grant procedures (grant aid) at the total amount of BGN 3,018 Billion or 100 % of the budget of OP „Regions in Growth 2014 – 2020“ (OPRG 2014 - 2020) had been launched. 596 contracts have been signed. The amount of financial aid granted is BGN 2,6 Billion, or 86 % of the total budget under this Programme. This was stated by the Minister of Regional Development and Public Works Petya Avramova before the „Stroitel“ Newspaper. According the provided by her information, at present the number of the completed projects under OPRG 2014-2020 is 172, and the funds paid to beneficiaries amount to BGN 1,422 Billion, or 47 % of the Programme budget. Certified expenditures are BGN 763 Million, or 25 % of OPRG resources. Minister Avramova also announced that two infrastructure projects of international importance are to be launched in September - October. One of them is the construction of 6 km from the Sofia Ring Road covering the section from the Tsarigradsko Shosee road junction to the Mladost road junction, and the another is the 14,5-kilometer long section from Europe Motorway – from Kalotina Border Checkpoint to the town of Dragoman. „It is envisaged to launch the project, long-awaited by the residents of the North-western region - the modernization of the Mezdra – Botevgrad road, which is a part of the Vidin – Botevgrad destination“, she pointed out as well. Petya Avramova commented also the cooperation with the Bulgarian Construction Chamber (BCC). „I do support the intention of the sector for digitalization and introduction of BIM technologies in design and construction, as well as the concept for developing standardized documents for participation in public procurement, like those already developed in the water sector projects under the OP „Environment“. It is good that our relations with the construction industry are clearly defined - it is the business that generates employment, development and growth, and the state creates the necessary conditions. That is why I hope in the future to continue working in partnership with the BCC for resolving the emerging problems and on optimisation of the regulatory framework“, said Minister Avramova in addition.