A Memorandum of Cooperation was signed between BCC and NCIP

Organizations will share their experience in the field of construction and management of industrial parks, as well as in attracting investment

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A Memorandum of Cooperation was signed between the Bulgarian Construction Chamber (BCC) and the „National Company Industrial Zones“ EAD (NCIZ). The document was endorsed by the Chairman of the Management Board of BCC, Eng. Iliyan Terziev and Antoaneta Bares, Executive Director of NCIZ.

By signing this agreement the two parties formally demonstrated their will to collaborate and came together on the concept to create conditions for active development of the investment potential in Bulgaria.

The memorandum aims also to achieve intensive communication between the BCC and the NCIZ, as well exchange of experience and good practices in order to develop common positions.

Trifon Trifonov, Head of „Marketing and Investment“ Department at NCIZ, and the Executive Director of BCC Eng. Miroslav Maznev also attended the signing the document.

„It is my pleasure for the first time to welcome you here today. The sustainable economic and social development requires interaction between local authorities, state-owned companies and Branch associations, and that is why I welcome the signing of this memorandum“, said Eng. Iliyan Terziev.

He added also that the Chamber is actively working with all representatives of the executive, legislative and local authorities on the topics related to the Construction sector. „Our representatives participate in numerous committees monitoring the Operational Programmes, as well as many expert councils and working groups“, said the Chairman of the Management Board of the BCC.

Antoaneta Bares underlined the advantages of state-owned industrial zones, which attract Bulgarian and foreign businesses with their excellent locations and road infrastructure built. She emphasized that he partnership between the BCC and the NCIZ could be expanded with other organizations, when the circumstances so require, and with the agreement of both parties. The BCC and the NCIZ will share experience in industrial parks’ construction and management, as well as in attracting investments, improving the infrastructure and the economic environment.

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