The best ones among Sofia builders were distinguished with awards

The Chamber's Regional Office in our capital celebrated Dimitrovden and bestowed its annual awards

Translated by Radostina Ivanova Traditionally, following the successful construction season, the Regional Office of the Bulgarian Construction Chamber in Sofia (RO of BCC - Sofia) celebrated St. Demetrius Day – the Builders holiday. Over 200 representatives of construction companies - members, partners and guests of the largest regional structure of the Chamber were brought together at Sofia Hotel Balkan where the event took place. During the celebration, the „Best Builder” awards were bestowed as conclusion of the annual competition among its members, that the RO of BCC - Sofia traditionally holds. The event was hosted by Eng. Lyubomir Kachamakov, member of the Executive Bureau and the Management Board (MB) of BCC, Chairman of the RO of BCC – Sofia, and Vice President of the European Construction Industry Federation. The celebration was organised by „Stroitel Newspaper” EAD, and Dragomir Simeonov was the presenter. „It seems that 2019 would be a very good year for the construction industry, statistics show an increase of over 17 percent. The many construction projects of different scope, realized by the Sofia builders give us every reason to define the past year as successful for the RO Sofia as well“. With these words Eng. Lyubomir Kachamakov welcomed the builders. Eng. Kachamakov emphasized in his speech that during the year the communication activity demonstrated by the RO of BCC - Sofia, both at the central and local levels has had been very dynamic. „I would like to take this opportunity and the presence of the representatives of the Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works and the Sofia Municipality, to express the gratitude – my personal, and on behalf of the Sofia RO“, he said and in addition shared his hope the dialogue with the institutions not only to continue but also to achieve even better results. As one of the biggest successes in 2019, Eng. Lyubomir Kachamakov pointed out the fact that the RO had called the attention of the industry on the digitization and the introduction of BIM technologies. „I am convinced that this is the future of the sector. Innovations will help us increase the productivity in our companies and be competitive“, he said, adding that in 2020 digitalisation will continue to be a top priority for the Regional Office . The Chairman of the RO of the BCC - Sofia shared, as well, his satisfaction with the opening of the Sixth Joint Exhibition of the BCC and „Stroitel“ Newspaper, realized with the support of the Sofia Municipality. „When one sees the 60 panels with photographs of the projects realized by Sofia builders in our city, he indeed could be proud with what was achieved during the year," said Eng. Kachamakov. He expressed his opinion that the capital city changes every day and becomes more beautiful and more attractive for living, working and investing, and the contribution of construction companies to this change is indisputable. „Let on the occasion of this holiday, we wish to be united in our positions, to keep working tireless and to be dedicated in our work, and to continue demonstrating our professionalism though the projects we realise. Thank you for your efforts to elevate the credibility of our worthy profession! Wish you to have next year of success and good results too! May you have many occasions for joy and satisfaction with what has been achieved“, said in conclusion Eng. Lyubomir Kachamakov. Deputy Minister of Regional Development and Public Works, Eng. Valentin Yovev, greeted all those present on the occasion of the builder's holiday. "I too, would like to note my exceptional satisfaction with the good communication between our two institutions," he said, adding that the common pursuit of development of Bulgaria contributes to the dialogue. „You are the ones who are changing our country for it to have an European appearance and the living environment to become better. In the framework of this versatile process, our motherland possesses the key factors necessary to develop successful business processes, economic and investment projects, ”said the Deputy Minister. „Bulgaria was built thanks to the craftsmanship, dedication, heart and love of Bulgarian builders “, said Eng. Yovev. He specified that the government's policy is aimed at achieving macroeconomic and financial stability, thus providing conditions for economic growth, for improving the administrative environment and keeping the tax rates at levels that are some of the lowest ones in the European Union, as well as reforming vocational education and training and ensuring interaction between high schools and business. „I do agree with the Jean-Jacques Rousseau theory - people need to live in unity because they have common needs. As a society and as individuals, together we will find solutions to the problems in order to achieve a future sustainable model of development of the construction sector and the investment processes in general. Without your profession, neither a state, nor any society could exist“, said the Deputy Minister and wished all the builders and their families health, love as well as ever more successful development of their companies. Among the official guests of the event were also the Deputy Mayors of Sofia Municipality Doncho Barbalov and Assoc. Prof. Todor Chobanov, Zdravko Zdravkov - Chief Architect of Sofia, Prof. Stoyan Bratoev - Executive Director of Metropolitan EAD, and Eng. Galina Vassileva – Head of the Managing Authority of Operational Programme „Transport and Transport Infrastructure“. During the ceremony, a congratulatory address was read on behalf of the Chairman of the MB of BCC Eng. Iliyan Terziev. „You are the people, thanks to whose efforts Sofia develops so to become even more beautiful and more modern European capital. Please also accept my congratulations for your activities related to the implementation of BIM technologies. RO Sofia is a leader in innovation in BCC, and we rely on it to continue the efforts to digitize the sector“, was said in the address by Eng. Terziev. RO of BCC Sofia received greetings also from Ivelina Vassileva, Chairperson of the Parliamentary Committee on Environment and Water in the 44th National Assembly. „Bulgarian Construction Chamber has established itself as a reputable and responsible Branch-organization and as a good partner in the implementation of important for our country infrastructure projects. There has been a many years collaboration with this organization”, she wrote, adding that the BCC's expert comments are highly appreciated. The event was proceeded with handing out the awards to the companies-winners in the annual „Best Builder“ competition. The „5 Seasons“ band took care for the good mood of the guests. The performance of the legendary rock band BTR was the climax of the award ceremony and made the evening unforgettable. The unique dress-code „Rock 'n' roll vision“ has literally transformed the „Royal“ Hall – concrete, guitars, roses and irresistible Harley Davidson motor bikes - and has also contributed to the festive atmosphere.