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Bulgaria is slowly but surely becoming an increasingly attractive destination both for the business and citizens of Europe. Certainly for this help the efforts of Bulgarian builders in the construction of all projects financed by the EU operational programs or by private investment. And without underestimating the importance and challenge in the construction of all major sites from drains and pipes to housing, we can highlight some precious diamonds in the crown of Bulgaria. These are buildings that draw future dimensions of the profession in our country – sites that can also serve as an example in Europe.


engineering – Sofia metro

The construction of metro tunnels is one of the toughest tests for builders because the working conditions are hard and often unpredictable.

There is fast digging in Sofia at the moment under the ground in order Sofia to have a metro. The tunnel under Maria Louisa Boulevard is the biggest challenge for builders. It is 108.70 m long and is built upon the so-called New Austrian Tunneling Method because of revealed valuable archaeological finds under the Largo. In order not to destroy the cultural complex a decision was taken the tube to pass under the archaeological layer and this makes it the most complex and conflicting point of the underground railway. The site is being implemented with the largest section of this type in Europe – the impressive 258 square meters. The starting pit is 22 m deep, reinforced with diaphragm walls. Concourse will be built on 5 levels and the passage of the metro station will have one platform and double track.

Impressive is also the tunnel “Hemus”. It is a two-way tunnel with a length of

718.40 m, and the intersection is 75 square meters. Tunnel “Alexander Malinov” is of the first metro diameter and extends under Alexander Malinov Boulevard in housing complex Mladost 1A. It consists of two tubes, each 365 m long. The cross section of both is 30 square meters.

In anticipation of  “Arena Sofia”

The new large and modern sports hall in Sofia will be officially opened on 30 July. It is designed for eight different sports, with a capacity of 12,395 seats. Its capacity however can reach 16,000 spectators when concerts are conducted through special retractable telescopic stands. The project was prepared after serious research of requirements, international standards and European experience in construction of facilities for sporting events. It is noteworthy that the architectural design is expressive with iridescent volumes, planes and lines and modern suggestion of the high-tech: apparent structure, advanced technology, all-glass façade systems, energy-efficient windows, efficient insulation and acoustic ceilings.
General contractor is “Glavbolgarstroy” AD.
“Metropolitan” graces Sofia

The hotel is on a terrain with existing engineering structure, including optical highways, triple water pipe 3х600 mm, II Iskar highway 700/900 mm, serving the entire district of Mladost. These networks had to be upgraded and moved before the construction of the hotel. The very heat collector has passed in a reinforced concrete “jacket” with dimensions 3.50/4.50 m. The reconstruction was carried out on a new track with pre-insulated pipes made in Sweden with a total length of 180 m for about BGN 286,000.
During the construction of the hotel for the first time in Bulgaria was set up an integrated management system for climate-heating installation (BMS). As facades were attached the quite new then ventilated suspended facades of Agrob-Buchtal – Germany. With 3,645 square meters for its time that was the largest suspended ceramic façade in Bulgaria. The structural façade and windows have proved extremely challenging for the commercial representative of “Schuko” for Bulgaria – Alu Koenig Stahl.
Contractor was construction company “Valkanov and Milanov”, which is also its owner.
Phenomenal facility Danube Bridge-2

Danube Bridge-2 near Vidin will be the second road link between Bulgaria and Romania together with the bridge at Ruse. The ambitious project poses many special features but builders are working according to schedule.

The facility Danube bridge-2 was designed by Spanish company “Carlos Fernandez Casado”, which is known and proven in Europe. The budget is EUR 100 million. To cope with the work, the Spanish company contractor FCC Construccion brings all the equipment from Spain. It is located in the duty-free zone near Vidin on an area of 58,000 square meters. Two concrete batch plants were built of 130 and 100 cubic meters. There is an installation for pre-production of elements where the segments are constructed and then applied by means of console installation. Builders also have a crusher, storage areas for materials and an asphalt base. In this way they manage to close the complete construction cycle.

The bridge consists of two segments, which are separated by an island in the river. In the navigable part the project requires to have three separate channels of 150 m. There will be 4 main columns, located at a distance of 180 m. In the other part of the structure the columns are at 80 m each.

The infrastructure part of the site includes construction of railway line and automobile road. For the railway line are used rails with a length of 25 m.  The line must be electrified to be built telecommunication and signaling systems.

The new home
of Europe in Sofia
European institutions in Sofia only recently have a new home, located at 124 Georgi Rakovski Street. This is the seven-storey Rakovski Business Center – Sofia. The building extends over 2,523 square meters area with offices, reception rooms and underground parking. The building is owned by Benchmark Property Fund. It was designed by architectural bureau “Proarch”. The main contractor is “Lux Invest” Ltd. It will house the representations of the European Parliament and the European Commission.

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