BCC: Construction should not stop

The Chamber intends to hold a series of meetings with the institutions

„Construction works should not stop. We repeat this and will continue to do so. At the same time the public procurement procedures should not be ceased. Procurement process must continue – new ones are to be launched and contractors to be selected. Another not less important thing, but even a kind of a priority is, the state to undertake steps and by using the paying agencies and the municipalities to disburse the amounts due for already executed and accepted work“. This was stated by the Executive Director of the Bulgarian Construction Chamber – Valentin Nikolov in an interview for „Stroitel“ Newspaper. He has emphasized that BCC had circulated to the construction companies specific instruction for work in the conditions of the state of emergency, as well as that the BCC’s leadership keeps permanent communication with the members and with the chairmen of the regional offices. „We receive many signals, and even some discrepant ones – about actions or lack of actions of administration of the different authorities and agencies, which in their attempt to take some measures, lead to restrictions for executing construction works“, said Nikolov. He has announced that BCC envisages to hold a series of meetings with the institutions – with the Public Procurement Agency, with Sofia Municipality, with the Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works, with the Vice Premier Tomislav Donchev, with the National Association of Municipalities in the Republic of Bulgaria.