PPA: Public procurements should be continued regardless of the state of emergency

The Agency is developing guidelines for Contracting Authorities in connection with the changes adopted in the Act on Measures and Action during the State of Emergency (AMASE)

The Bulgarian Construction Chamber (BCC) and the Public Procurement Agency (PPA) have held a video working meeting online. Participation in the meeting took the Chairman of the MB of BCC Eng. Iliyan Terziev, the Executive Director Valentin Nikolov, Eng. Ivan Mollov – member of Chamber's EB and MB, Eng. Kamen Peshov – Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Glavbolgarstroy Holding, Renеta Nikolova – Editor-in-Chief and Procurator of „Stroitel“ Newspaper. PPA was represented at the meeting by the Executive Director Assoc. Prof. Dr. Miglena Pavlova, Galya Manasieva – Director of „Legislation and Methodology“ Directorate. Ana Mitkova – Director of „E-Procurement and Monitoring”. Directorate, and Petya Nikolova – State expert. „There had always been good mutual relations between the BCC and the PPA. I would like to thank you for the meeting, because we must be looking ahead. The virus will come to an end, but the work will continue“, pointed out at the beginning of the conversation Eng. Terziev. The Chairman of the MB of BCC has emphasized that AOP can consider BCC as its supporter and ally. On the behalf of PPA, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Miglena Pavlova thanked for the support and commented, that since she took over the management of the Agency, the cooperation between two organisations is really fruitful and that the working professional and expert relations are being maintained. „Our mission is to provide assistance to the public procurement process in Bulgaria, to make it modern and relevant to the best European requirements, and to be useful“, stated Pavlova. „The present moment requires that we act quickly and, as I would say, even if we make some mistake, it would be less harmful, instead of slowing down and creating difficulties and issues in tackling with and coming out of the crisis. In our work, if we delay public procurements, those who will suffer after a couple of months, are the workers, who will lack means. This is a topic of vital importance for us“, said the Executive Director of BCC Valentin Nikolov „I would like to thank you for supporting the prevailing part of our proposals, related to suspension of time limits for appealing procedures“, pointed out Eng. Ivan Mollov.