Eng. Iliyan Terziev: The construction sector is of key importance for the economy of Bulgaria

Construction activities should not be suspended, of course, strictly following the measures and recommendations of the Minister of health and the Operational Headquarters on construction sites. Also, the payments due to the companies for the completed and accepted works should be paid as soon as possible. This was stated by the Chairman of the Management Board of the Bulgarian Construction chamber (BCC), Eng. Iliyan Terziev, during „The world is a Business“ broadcast on Bloomberg TV Bulgaria. „We are doing our utmost to provide the construction sites with the proper working conditions for employees. The sites are large enough and observing the measures is a matter of good organization“, said the Chairman of the MB of BCC. He emphasised that the construction sector is of great importance for the Bulgarian economy. He shared an opinion that in case the pandemic continues longer than expected, there might be reduction of prices, suspension of procurements and a downturn in construction. According to him, a considerable part of the people who go to the labor market come from the construction sector, and he added that currently the number of employed in the industry is between 200 and 210 thousand. He emphasized that the personnel is the most valuable asset for the industry. „Many Bulgarian specialists have returned from abroad. It is now the right time to give them a hand so they can stay and work here“, said Eng. Terziev. The Chairman of the BCC's MB announced information that BCC, construction companies and individuals working in the sector made donations for over BGN 1,1 million in the fight against the coronavirus. „The government is making decisions in a very complicated situation. They are timely and proper. The normal thing for us is to support these measures and to put them in practice“, concluded engineer Iliyan Terziev.