Conforming to the Statement on European Solidarity, we must restart the Italian economy beginning with the sustainable construction

by Alessandro Butticé, Agenzia Italiana Stampa Esterо (AISE) The French rightly say „quand le bâtiment va, tout va“ - when the building business is thriving, everything is thriving. Daniele Shara reminded in the „Repubblica“ newspaper that economy could again be set in motion, beginning with the energy efficient renovation of 1,2 million residential buildings and creation of 430 thousand jobs. He spoke about a „plan to restart the economy by activating ofthe works in the construction sector“, underlining that FILLEA Cgil – the Federation of Wood, Building and Allied Industry Workers, and also the LEGAMBIENTE – the Italian environmentalist association, have elaborated a joint plan to recover the sector, which is based on the criteria of sustainability and quality of work. It was high time for that, indeed. The resumption of employment, beginning without a delay from the construction sector, which historically has proven itself as the driving force of the economy, is obligatory and is an absolutely urgent necessity. It is a necessary collectively to discuss how to restart the engine of economy and how to keep up the hopes for availability of means of livelihood in the future. There really is no more time to waste. Government institutions should act immediately – with power, courage and at a speed, in order to prevent the transformation of economic crisis, caused by this state of emergency for pandemic, into tragedies for the families in future. There is no sense in denying fact that the crisis cannot be surmounted with public funding only, no matter whether funds are European, national or regional. Actually, it cannot be expected that the EU, the states or the regions, would be allocating piles of resources, which in fact, always come out of the pockets of citizens. Both – the compensations for employment and unemployment, and the deferment of tax deadlines, are important steps, but only in short and mid time aspect. Therefore, we must aim at guaranteeing and protecting the employment and production capacity of the state in long term period.