Contracts for BGN 2705 Million have been concluded under „OPTTI 2014 – 2020”

The Sofia Metro Extension is the project that won the highest score under this Programme

„The Sofia Metro Extension Project is co-financed by the EU funds and is implemented under the Operational Programme „Transport and transport infrastructure 2014-2020“(„OPTTI 2014 – 2020“), and it is a significant large-scale project. It can definitely be distinguished as the most outstanding project of this Programme, stated the Minister of Transport, Information Technology and Communication in his interview for „Stroitel“ Newspaper. He has also commented on the progress made in the implementation of „OPTTI 2014 – 2020“. In his words, as of 31 August 2020, the amount of the provided grant was nearly BGN 3097 Million. The value of the contracts assigned to contractors amount at almost BGN 2705 Million, and the funds reimbursed were approximately BGN 1666 Million. The verified expenditures amount at BGN 1433 Million, and the certified costs are BGN 1378 Million.

„We already have available the first version of the new Operational programme „Transport connectivity“, which has been submitted to the EC for initial consultations“, added minister Jeliazkov. He has explained what the main priorities of the „Transport“ sector post 2020 will be - „Development of the railway infrastructure within the „core“ and the “Europe-wide” Trans-European transport network”, “Development of the road infrastructure within the core Trans-European transport network“, Improving the transport inter-modality and development of sustainable urban mobility“, Innovations in transport, modernised traffic control systems, enhancing the safety and security in all transport modes“.