More than BGN 2 billion to be disbursed by December

Beneficiaries will receive 39% of the total OP budget

  “It is planned by the end of the year to be disbursed to beneficiaries a little over BGN 2 billion. With this, money paid for all operational programs should reach BGN 6 billion or 39% of the total budget,” said the Minister of EU Funds Management Tomislav Donchev in his hearing by the Parliamentary Committee on European Affairs and European Funds Control. According to data submitted by him, the amount transferred to beneficiaries is currently BGN 3.9 billion. It is planned most of the disbursed funds to be under OP “Transport” - 50% of the budget or nearly BGN 2 billion, followed by “Competitiveness” with expectation for 45 percent. Under OP “Regional Development” is expected to be disbursed 43% of the budget – about BGN 1.2 billion, the objectives of OP “Administrative Capacity” are 41 percent, or about BGN 140 million. In the last three places rank the programs “Technical Assistance”, “Human Resources” and “Environment” respectively with 36, 31 and 22% disbursed funds of the total budget. At the moment there are 154 suspended programs in all member states as the average error rate is about 5. It is likely in other EU countries to be lost about EUR 1 billion for failure of the annual minimum targets for absorption of EU funds; it became clear from the statement of Minister Donchev. “Bulgaria makes efforts to identify the problem before it materialized. This is the sense of changes in the Public Procurement Act. A few months after they came into force, the results are extremely good. The greater challenge is to put resources in the Public Procurement Agency, which is the only way to cope with the expected increase in orders. To this end, it was designated as a beneficiary under OP “Technical Assistance”, explained Donchev.